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Nickname: Mayflower, May, " That one crazy friend ", Anime lover ( not that much, just a fan ), The smart one, The 90-grade kid one, The smart friend that I have for back up for tests and I could always trust with my things.

Home: USA, past home CHINA! THE GREATS COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! ( I was speaking about China, but the USA is also good. ). New York (past) New Jersey (now)

Likes: anime, books, and close friends, Deadpool, Cats and Dogs, TF2, Big Bang Theory, Rick and Morty, Myths, Sly Cooper, Panda, Red panda, Ice hockey, Ping pong, reviews, archery.

Dislike: Don't like talking to people ( I get nervous and keep on talking and talking and keeping on talking about random things)

Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Reading, Learning, and don't talk.

Saying: " We are neither reckless nor timid " - Zachary D. To show how brave we are!


There are none right now.


I would never give up on my fanfic, not one!

To all of my fans that are French, please write a review in French since I am trying to learn French. Same with the Japanese!

Updates: mostly happen in 28 days or something happen...

I also do archery and I'm good at it

Story ideas:


-A doctor who fan got reborn as a Dalek and he/she like it and he/she likes to fight and later on rising in the rank of Dalek ( can they rise in rank? If can then do it, if not then just made him born into the high rank. ) He/she will try and meet the doctor and help him but he/she will still want to stay in the Dalek rank so he/she help him secretly and he/she just keep on doing this.-

-A predator gets his hand on some coffee, the rest is for your imagination.

-What if you are in the modern world but in avatar and you are a nonbender and all your friends are one, just image all the season that you watch them handle with ease. Winter, the fire just melt it, the earth just shakes it off, the air just blows it off, and the water just bend it off, while you have to put your back into it! Have fun!;)

Avenger story ( Naruto ) will be rewritten and it will be better! However, I will have to get this one done first then I will begin the rewrite so pls don't get mad at me.

P.s I am thinking of writing a horror/humour story with the famous horror icon in it. If you want to work with me on this one, then PM me.

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