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Frenchie Is French PM
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Hello! I am Frenchie, as my Discord friends have dubbed me, even though I am technically not French. I am Chinese.

So, I'm kind of in a lot of fandoms.


- Alaïs Glass (17, Watchmaker): An eccentric maiden who cares not for whatever the world thinks of her. Submitted to An Intriguing Selection

- Archer Niu (24, COO): A rather arrogant business executive who is always acting towards his best interest. Submitted to Sisters

- Arianna Ivanovich (18, Junior Architect): A quiet girl who hides her sensitivity behind a mask of aloofness. Submitted to For the Crown

- Azula (15, Warrior Candidate): A hopeful orphan who grew up surrounded by war and still dreams of peace. Submitted to Wir Sind Die Jäger

- Eloise Aragon (19, Student): A princess-wannabe who just wants to have her happy ever after with her beloved prince. Submitted to Bloody Lies and Secret Ties

- Finn Katzen (21, Student): A tired cynic who knows he should try to better himself but just can't be bothered to. Submitted to Happiness is a Butterfly

- Magdalena Bishop (19, Lay Minister): A Walmart version of Rapunzel who literally just fakes everything until she makes it. Submitted to Knives Among Roses

- Nyima Amdo (18, Inn Helper): A former Kumari who has made a home for herself in the mountains, only for it to be so short-lived. Submitted to The Forbidden City

- Rustin Park (21, YouTuber): A skeptic and 'ghost hunter' who should really stop throwing himself into danger just for the fun of it. Submitted to How to Share a Crown

- Saran Altai (20, Landowner): An immigrant who only wishes to live a happy, quiet life with the people she loves. Submitted to The Kingdom in Exile

- Sierra Uxley (21, Selected): A fashion diva whose sole goal is to win and nothing else; how she wins is fair game. Submitted to The Court of the Crown

- Tomas Saavedra (36, Doctor): A rather questionable medical practitioner who needs to take his profession more seriously. Submitted to The Cruise of a Lifetime


- Odessa Fan (22, Florist): A runaway heiress who craves for her independence and the freedom to live a life that makes her happy. Submitted to Brothers – Trois Frères

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