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Why hello, all! It seems that I've had this account for nearly four years and I have yet to write a mere hello on my profile page. So here I am, in the midst of my biggest FF project yet, deciding to give all my loyal readers a shout out and to take the opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Ashley (hence the penname – what 055 stands for, I’m not too sure). I’m eighteen years old and have currently just completed the first year of my undergrad in English Literature and Creative Writing. I am Canadian, which is responsible for all of the ‘our’ s in words such as ‘colour’ and ‘favourite’. Let’s face it guys, they just look wrong without the ‘u’s!

Writing is my absolute favourite hobby. It challenges and, more often than not, frustrates the hell out of me, but then, maybe that’s why I love it so much. If it were easy, I probably wouldn’t gain the same joy and satisfaction from it as I do. I am by no means under the impression that I’m some sort of up and coming best-selling writer. I am merely average and am completely discontented with that position. Expect to see a lot of me. I swear if it takes me years, someday I will get there. When I’m feeling particularly discouraged I like to look back on my previous works to see how far I’ve come. That’s why I haven’t deleted my very first fanfic story. Seriously, if you want a good laugh and are familiar with the Tony/Michelle storyline from ‘24’, please feel free to check out See You Tomorrow. It’s absolutely wretched. I love it.

As you are probably aware from the lack of variety in my stories list, I am a completely certified Bones addict and squealing, BB shipping fangirl. Sad, but true. David Boreanaz often haunts (makes?) my dreams. While I’ll readily admit that there are far more popular, better executed and well-thought out shows out there, I stand by my notion that no other is quite as entertaining. The characters on Bones are utterly intriguing and are often executed with just the right amount of subtlety to make it so they seem to be shrouded in mystery when they are really standing centre-stage, exposed for the world to see. The creators have taken stereotypical personalities and molded them effortlessly into these unique beings who seem so real and relatable. In my opinion, fiction at its best lies entirely in the basis of its characters. The show as a whole is witty and heartfelt, powerful and in-your-face; I must admit, however, that while the cases occasionally peek my interest, it is these deliciously engaging cast of characters that make watching Bones such a pleasure.

The last thing I want to do is find myself in a full-out brawl, but I feel I must give my opinion on the recent finale. I will readily agree with those who argue that the early seasons were the better ones. This is very true. However, in my opinion at least, it was because I simply enjoyed the ridiculously painful subtlety of the Brennan/Booth dynamic in the early stages better than the current sizzling, in-your-face, ‘we’re here and we feel it but we’re going to pretend we don’t just to taunt you a little longer’ energy. (Season 2 was my favourite on a whole). However, I disagree with the degree to which some people are suggesting that the show has completely and utterly failed. In fact, I don’t think it has failed at all. To be honest, I’m more drawn in now than I was before. Yes, it’s getting to the point where it is literally agonizing to watch the ‘will-they/won’t-they’ continue on, but I think that just adds to the fun journey of this crazy, fictional story. The finale, in my opinion, while not at all what I expected, (I tried to keep my spoiler knowledge to a minimum), was utter genius. It was completely bizarre and out of sync with all other episodes – as should be expected in AU – but it was also incredibly entertaining. While some found the shout-outs to past characters, situations and storylines to be eye-roll worthy, I thought it was rather smart. Hart Hanson said that they finale would be like a great, big love letter to the dedicated fans of the show – well consider it received. I thought it was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed the ambiguousness of the ending – the Brennan’s book or Booth’s dream debacle – but my very favourite ‘trick’ of Hart’s didn’t actually occur at the end, but rather…the beginning…(slaps self across face) Oh right, just a theory. (A theory that’s completely and totally right!) I won’t go into it, but if it does turn out to mean something – you all know what I’m talking about… - than I will personally bow down to Hart Hanson myself for being so incredibly genius and sneaky. (Steps off soapbox).

Now, to promote my beast of a story. While When You’re Gone and Now That You’re Here (currently incomplete) were pretty hefty projects, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I teamed up with Norah Pearly-Gates, a fellow BB shipper (oh yeah, and my best friend in life) to write a mammoth of a story. We seriously had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. The story has yet to be posted, but will be written under the joint penname SubtleMomentsofJoy.‘Joy’ has become somewhat of a pathetic pun to us and I find whenever anyone says the word, even in normal conversation, I giggle like a four-year-old. Right. The story is called The Moderation of Joy and revolves around the possibility of BB actually going through with it and having a baby together. Yes, a rather clichéd topic in the Bones FF world at the moment, but despair not! We have taken a decidedly unique twist on the subject. Please do check it out! It will be made available for your BB shipping hearts very soon…

Now, Norah Pearly-Gates, the love of my life. Please do go check out her stories as well. Her presence is rare in the world of Bones fandom – you can typically find her floating around with those pesky Twilighters – but her personal story list is intensely Bones favoured. Meaning, the two stories she’s published are both for our (cough) superior (cough) fandom. Now that’s gotta say something… Anyway, back to my point, she’s awesome. Go on, check her out! I looooove you, my dear…

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