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squirrellywithagun PM
Joined Sep '05
Hello all, well about me
Name: not going to tell just call me squirrle(sp)

Live: The middle of nowhere best known as maryland

Fav anime: Inuyasha, FMA, Get Bakcers, Host club, FAKE, God child, and much more

Fav book: harry potter, hawk song, snake charm

Fav music: The All-american rejects,my cemical romance, and random crap

Personiality(sp): random... that's about it

weakness: spelling... if you couldn't tell already,and math

random thing: My friends try to keep me a way from Mountin Dew at all cost, because i have a the habit of doing WERID things. Last time I thought I was a replacement raindeer for the raindeer with the glowing nose. I didn't end well

a funny story: somphere year, i had a little to much sugare a tryed to fly. Flaping my arms and all. Well now because of my little sis. I'm known more in the middle school then when i was there.

Fav colors: black, lime green, roaly purple, and elecric bule

Fav candy: POCEY(sp)
Well that's about it,if ANYBODY wants to fix the spelling mistakes, there more then welcome.

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