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Happy New Year guys!

This will probably be my last update as my resolution is to not pick up any new fics, just finish the lots of ongoing ones I follow. Fanfiction is fucking with my life, no wonder so many authors are depressed hah. Hope we all have a better year and please don't read dumpster fire fics(Your boos mean nothing! I've seen what makes you cheer! (your favs)), have some standards m'kay.


1. A Crimson Wish on This Escalating Earth - OC is a Devil with Evil Pieces in Worm, DxD crossovers that aren't in DxD are rare which makes this that much better

2. The Blacks, The Greens and The Reds - SI is a princess in ASOIAF in Dance of The Dragons, her first plan of reinventing gunpowder failed coz Planetos is grimderp and it needs blood to ignite, but other inventions work. Definitely not for edgelords who want male only MC's that aren't "pussies"(those that kill everyone and become gods in 10 chapters, you know the definition of a man lol). I haven't watched House of The Dragon yet, but it's probably like that, being a woman, even a princess in medieval age sucks balls, but she's getting to that throne no matter what.

3. Fire Amidst Ice (ASOIAF/Frostpunk) - Frostpunk is the game I heard about where you try to keep a steampunk city against an Ice Age, fitting that a city gets ISOTED on the wrong side of the Wall. Only 600 imperial British survivors in it, but if anyone knows how to divide and conquer some barbarians, it's them.

4. Evil Eyes - SI Sasuke, decent if a bit heavy on pseudo science and wank, from an author wrote a Servant in Mass Effect who can digitize(Man off the Moon), but everyone still reads coz he's a good author

5. Plan? What Plan? (Worm/ToF) - by author of Legendary Tinker, this is more of a rash Tinker, Pokemon and One Piece tech so far

6. Removed Eyes of The Soul from favs - this has been long time coming, even skipping the bloat doesn't help, coz I got annoyed how much there was to skip that I lost enjoyment coming to the good part. The characters are way too talkative and romantically over sharing.

7. Doors to the Unknown (Worm/D&D, Fusion/Crossover) - for once the official blurb is decent so read that coz it's a bit long

8. Noosphere (Warhammer 40k/Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners),

9. Land of the King - amazing LOTR x ASOIAF, I didn't know Silmarillion was that interesting, loyalist Dunedain(basically super humans) escape the fall of Numenor and arrive in Westerlands 800 years after the Long Night and 7200 years before GoT, after conquering the continent they go to war against Valyria which has more than just 3 dragons. Basically world wars happen before we arrive at the "present", Arnor controls the world but what can you do against the artificial ice age? Their colonies, equivalent of Americas are struggling to send enough supplies...

10. Never Fade Away (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners/Mass Effect) (Inspired Inventor) - from an established author, just read

11. Gacha God (MCU/Marvel Comics) - same, worst fice form Ideas-guy but still worth

12. Pokemon Trainer Vicky - hillarious, from author whose every fic I read

13. HBO WI: Joffrey from Game of Thrones Replaced by Octavion from Rome

Cuddlesworth jr said:

I don’t know how but this story is so masterfully put together!

It's Hotpoint writing.

From Firefly being turned into millitary Sci-Fi, to a Time Travelling Illyria, to the original X-Com working with the SGC, to Wolverines meeting Colonials, to the Fallout Wastelands ... If it's Hotpoint writing something, then drop as many things as you can and read it.

Hotpoint = Excellent Writing.

14. Soft Magic Sucks - another HP SI, but it's good

Thought: Why do 99% of my followers have dumpster fire fics in their favs, like The Spider, Harry Crow, 12 steps to Omnipotence, Hadrian Lannister, Rune Stone Path... I look for recs too when someone follows me and I always end up disappointed.


1. A Nascent Kaleidoscope - great multicross, MC revists universes a lot

2. Ghost in The City. Cyberpunk Gamer SI - another great one by Seras, A Cyborg in The Wasteland[Fallout[Self-Insert] and Skitterdoc 2077 - these great fics got me into Cyberpunk


1. Risk it All(Young Justic/Gamer) - a Gamer fic that isn't dumpster fire

Yamcha RPG - same for now turns to shit after chapter 30

2. Cells of Bells - perfect Cell SI

3. See No Evil - opposite of Conceptual Deck which I removed from this hallowed list, you won't see repetitive grocery trips and combination recipes, MC will hide his power and you'll only get to see what he created, not the process. Much better writing and character development, also opposite of Conceptual Deck poor writing.

4. Super Randomizer Lux - a wiki warrior fic that's not all crack

5. Dawn of Worm(40k/Worm)


1. A Patina of Sunstone [DC SI] - Kara saves Kryptonians

2. XSGCOM - perfect crossover, despite what authors says you don't have to play XCOM to understand

3. Platinum Pirate(Pokemon/One Piece) - Pokemon champion gets teleported to Alabasta

4. Growing Pains [DBZ/DC] - how will a Sayian girl get strong if not by fighting heroes?

5. Going Native [DBZ/DC Comics] - SI is Tarble, there are no Namekians so no Dragon Balls, he needs to survive Saiyan training and missions before he can do anything

6. Reenacting a Legend - Fate x DxD where Shirou stays human and isn't defeated by garbage Raynare

7. Have you heard of our Lord and Saviour Zeon? - Battletech x Gundam

8. Capitalism Ho! One Shard's fun times at trading, war, and not-war! (Star Trek SI(D&D) SI) (ST;ENT Era)

9. A Pirates Life for Me (Worm x One Piece) - where Luffy says he's recruiting a Bug Girl


1. Voyages of The Wild Sea Horse(Ranma/One Piece) - similar to Stallion of The Line but more accurate Ranma & co

2. Borne of Caution(Pokemon Isekai) good researcher fic

3. Pokemenagerie(Worm/Pokemon) biothinker wants to spread share Pokemon around

Star Wars: The Force Wills (SW SI) - Ashoka SI is already a master telekinetic when she gets assigned to Anakin whom she tries wisen up and exploit canon despite being late in the game

Removed coz SI has both foreknowledge and great mastery of clairvoyance, for an interesting story they should be mutually exslusive, everything is great but this. One too many time SI started lecturing what would happen event after event after event in a movie detailed future. When she doesn't know the future due to something being minor or butteflied, she simply meditates and sees the future ffs as if none of other 10 000 Jedi chumps can do it.

4. One Punch Worm (Worm CYOA V5, SIOC) - SI gets himself One Punch-like power while giving to his friend King-like power(luck) hilarity ensues

5. To Live is to Fight (Worm/Bleach) - Unohana and Gin in BB, what more do could you want

6. Overlord of The Old World (Overlord x Warhammer Fantasy) here we go again, but this this time there is an actual challenge

7. A Pirates Life For Me (Worm x One Piece) - late game Straw Hats wildly appear in BB and recruit a bug girl

8. Stars Bound in Shadows

9. The Other Menethil (Warcraft Calia Menethil SI/OC)

10. Rapping My Way to Divinity in This Crapsack Galaxy

11. [Overlord] And then I was Pandora's Actor


1. A Symphony of Peace and War [Warcraft SI]

2. These are the Voyages (Worm / Star Trek Online, Post-GM)

3. God Save the Queen [Worm/Star Wars

4. Princess of Mandalore (Youjo Senki/Star Wars)

5. The Saga of the Runt (Youjo Senki/WH30k) - well written beginning but if you hate slow starts you can skip to the coming of Emperor without worrying about what happened

6. A Young Reaper's Afterlife (Youjo Senki/Bleach)

Added Odyssey of a Mage Part II but not part I to favs. Part I really tested my standards, mostly in the first 8 chapters but author fortunately got better and better.

Removed From Fake Dreams(and every other fic by Third Fang), fuck OP beta MC and his overly convoluted plans that end up depending on plot armor. However cool dead ancestor Shirou is, it's not worth it.

Wow look at all these female MCs, how'd that happen? Hmm it's not that I'm into that or against it, must be coz Worm is mainstream and authors like to use Taylor's character even without powers, which you would think well why use Taylor at all then? I guess she's easy to write, everyone knows her and fanfics all reuse content anway coz it's easier than writing an original.


1. The Devil of Brockton Bay [Worm/DxD]

2. Guardian of The Republic (Star Wars CYOA) OC with knowledge of the future forms a private military, badly written interactions though

3. Climbing to The Top - one of the rare Overlord fics that isn't a minor twist on Nazarick

4 .A Symphony of Peace and War - SI organizes the Horde into something that actually works long term


1. When in Doubt, blame Q! ST/Starcraft, Q decided Federation isn't ready for future conflicts(despite being nice enough to send Borg early) and a crossover happens

2. Legendary Thinker(Worm/LoL) Finally another good LoL crossover, kinda BS but SI can invent create anything from Runeterra


1. Out of The Dark(DAOT Remnants in 40K) Federation doesn't mess up the AI and we find out can together humanity and AI beat the Aeldari and Chaos. Well a bit more complicated than that, the gist is they know they must prevent the birth of the 4th Chaos God by Aeldari and thus dooming the galaxy/universe, but the Aeldari are several times more advanced so they can't go to war without centuries of preparation and even going to war with the magnitude of blowing up solar systems risks waking up the slumbering 3...

2. A Light Not Extinguished - similar but here there is just one Fortress World trying to restore the Federation. A renown general of a long range independent fleet gets intel that the Federation is doomed no matter what so he picks up the scientists and resources, plans to take drive a planet out of the galaxy...but ends up in warp and planet emerging 15 000 later back in the Milky Way.

3. This Venom Inside - SI gets transmigrated into Bane, that doesn't sound so bad...when he was a child...born in the world toughest prison. MC uses Bane's superior genes to cause a prison break and take over Santa Prisca and then fixing DC the smart way, not by punching people one at a time.

4. [Battletech/Planetary Annihilation SI] Iron Blooded Commander - I'm not usually one for these PA fics but this one is different and it even got me into Battletech despite not knowing a thing about it - Basically Battletech is a sci fi with mech and crappy space ships, where humanity has been in war so long knowledge is being lost and they don't know how to make advanced tech anymore, just barely maintain it. SI knows the best steps to fix this, as in a cache of lost knowledge, mechs and super tech nano forge from another universe, with a bit of humour.

5. [Worm/Xianxia] Sect - Taylor is being a guiding elder spirit for the protagonist as in grandpa Doehring or many others in xianxia - spirit in a ring or some other aritifact. Badassery accompanied with just the right amount of parody on xianxia. Author knows the source really well as he's part Chinese or something, AU but based on some xianxia I haven't read. Characters are not one dimensional retards for a change.

6. This was Easier on The Tabletop - a Battletech SI - SI gets cloned into Battletech and he's a huge BT geek, so much that he has Iphone on him with BT books and detailed notes how he would fix the galaxy. A few days after he gets his shit together, he decides to do that. You know how SI's usually keep the info close to their chest coz they don't know who they can trust if it turns out to be alternate universe or something...well this one just hands his Iphone to the good guys and it turns out well, I just liked this simplicity. It is combining the new popular genre of fictional characters reading about themselves, basically reaction story(but not too much) and with a fast start SI, instead of one who has too keep hiding for years and scrunging up petty resources.


A Sky Full of Fire and sequels

Harry Potter and The Galaxy Far Far Away(guilty pleasure)

Out of The Unkown - As most bad asian web authors would say, I have mixed feelings on this one. Frankly the first 8 very long chapters suck but one of the big fans PMed me and we had a fun discussion trying to prove our points. I ended up reading it all. It does actually get better. To anyone who wants to read this I suggest skim reading the first 8 as it is pretty much explaining how Naruto learned some justsu, Force tehniques and got weapons/materials, lone wolf Gary Stu style. Surprisingly the author doesn't want a Gary Stu and reasonably nerfs Naruto, he gets a team and sets out to the galaxy where story gets interesting. Still the author is avoiding writing character interactions so I'm not adding this one to favs, coz only the best belong here(or what I thought was best at the time I read them). Rating 7/10

Grejoy alla Breve - at first I didn't wanna read coz who cares about Grejoy and it's not written in order, but it's an interesting kingdom building and light hearted story with bits of crack


Overlord: The One Who Stayed

Nazarick In The Real World; One Who is Many

The Ghost of Privet Drive

Rising of The Isekai Mess

Carl The Jumper

Sword and Shield; Reprieve

A Mother Goo in Grimdark World

All of theirishdreamer fics from SB

Skywalker For Senator

A Hardcore Game

Keeping to the Dream

A Warhammer Age of Strife Quest on SV

A God from Ash

Update 2021: I've noticed significant traffic on my profile for a while now so I figured maybe some of you are regularly checking my list to see if I added new goodfics with my seal of approval. Well not to leave you dry, lately I've been mostly reading on Spacebattles and some of those fics aren't posted here so I'll put in some titles for you to google( I think outside links are censored so I won't bother).

Task Force 43 - basically the only Star Trek fic I like, Thin Veneer was alright but author loves writting about fanatical aliens in every fic and it gets annoying

Project Artic Circle - Canadian Star Gate

Stellar Reich - Guess who runs the SG

Sceptered Moon - Brit SG

Dread Our Wrath - ASOIAF SI

Screw The Rules I have Escalation - funny Worm x Yu gi oh, I'd say it's more a comedy than crack, I really don't like crack, FU Varga

The Warcrafter - Worm x Azeroth, a bit too much sunshine and rainbows but still a goodfic

Aenys, King of Dreams - ASOIAF SI

Ridire Corcairdhearg - SW SI messes up Sith plans by splitting the Clone Wars era Galaxy into factions

Don Dresden, Founder of Hogwarts - title is self explanatory, I'm not actually super into this one but I recognise good quality

OMFG I'm the Chosen One - good SW SI

The Rules of Acquisition - alt history later Mass Effect crossover, SI changes 19th century USA, posted on Questionable Question - to my disappointment I didn't find any other good longfic there nor on Alt history

Super Minion - original on RRL, better than Worm but what isn't...ok on the level of Mother of Learning but with humor

Path of Ruin - SW SI that actually becomes an evil Sith, not an antihero

Cruel to be Kind - SI creating multidimensional empire

Dire Worm - original mad scientist drama vilain meets Worm, very funny and very good, originals are on my plan to read list now

Spirit of The Gamer - Gamer fic done right, it's light hearted same as any Stewart92 fic, MC gets powers yes but is kinda still weak in the grand scheme after 10 pages in reader mode. TBF it's only been a month or two so that's actually fast growth and Hollows are simply strong so author balanced that, his main thing is making others strong including the supporting characters who were left forgotten in original like Chad. The only thing I mind is that MC is bi, luckily nothing happens and fic is really long so if it bothers you just ignore those bits that don't even make 1% of the story.

Empire in Green - Planeswalker druid takes over Madagaskar in Worm with a plan to take over the world, creating near utopia, Panacea power up, it's a bit boring until Madagaskar is conquered as character development only comes after. Fic abandoned during the start of Africa conquest but still worth a read.

Fate Denied: A Star Wars SI - extremely long fic, a bit incosistent but still very good, featuring Ranulph Tarking and Jedi order split

Lest a Monster I become - multicross similar to Cruel to Be Kind, but without MC making blunders in the beginning, much more cautious MC, biotech and AI subjects(makes sense, loyal unlike various factions of humanity other SI's constantly have to herd and watch for betrayals)

Skywalker for Senator - surprisingly good, not realistic but fun

I'm just a reader here with what I consider a very selective fanfic list.

Apparently this collection gathered some interest so I thought to write about what goes in there and why.

1. The conditions are 100k words and ongoing or completed (there are a couple of exceptions). I won't however read fics that satisfy the minimum word count but are more than 2 years in the making thus making them snail updaters.

2. Generic and unrealistic fics are out of the question, and by unrealistic I mean character behaviour, not the fact that it is sci fi or fantasy.

3. Normally when filtering for new fics to read I don't go beyond the first page of results that's sorted by most favorites as I found the fics grow progressively worse. There are some underrated gem-fics there but they can be found by checking up on the authors who got on the first page and actually deserve to be there.

4. I'm a fan of original Dragon Ball(Z) and Bleach and somewhat for Fairy Tail but apparently those fandoms do not gather much of great authors. Possibly they are not good fanfic material anyway, for example since Dragon Ball is all about fighting, its fics will be boring with every fight basically : "punch kick punch punch kick blast blast kick blast"

With Fairy Tail, most fics repeat canon which is incredibly boring to read about again without seeing the flashy anime.

Of course canon is based on the good guys getting beaten only to in turn beat the bad guys with a high chance of turning them good with power of friendship.

Fairy Tail magic battles are not much different from Dragon Ball, they are spam. Everybody have just their own single magic and they keep spamming it, spells do not have any mysticism or wonder usually found in fantasy novels.

5. You won't find me reading pure family/friendship or family/romance or adventure/angst/hurt.

While I have nothing against those genres, I'm only looking for serious action type novels. Not that I'd read some trash with OP character overshadowing everybody else and making them look like NPC's, drama is necessary even for action stories.

6. Despite my list, I'm not a harem or lemon enthusiast. I outgrew harem back in my anime phase, which was yeeears ago.

7. Fics that were once on my list : Heroes Assemble! ; Dial ; The Spider, Filfy Teacher, Wild Wolf

First two fell flat after so many chapters and I grew bored of Marvel canon. Some fics simply don't have canon that can keep your interest after you've read several fictions of it. One Piece belongs here and so does Fairy Tail, srsly I don't wanna faking see another East Blue or Paradise arcs ever again.

The Spider was awesome for the first ~25 chapters, but then it turned into one of the worst trash fics I've read.

Or that's just my disappointment speaking, romance disappeared, MC turned into constantly sighing manhwore who does almost nothing with his future knowledge and gets beaten by not so great vilains despite him having a dozen powers and weapons. Let's not forget that author refuses to learn English or have his chapters proofread.

Filfy Teacher even had some okay fluff in the beginning and founding a new faction and magic school that combines different magic was interesting. Eventually fluff got too much and you can't skip it as the plot went shit too, big group of side characters following Harry everywhere and meet the family gags.

Wild Wolf I completed but I decided it doesn't deserve a place on this list. Ranma is gradually regaining his powers and while the fic has some good stuff, in the end it's nothing special. Still cringing over Stargaryen.

8. Fics that are more of honorary mentions : The Muggle Among Mages, Assimilation

The first I stopped reading, it's not bad but I lost interest after a pause. Assimilation I'm not that keen on continuing, also not bad but kinda meh.

It is unfortunate fact that vast majority authors of power fantasies think that harem is one of the basics of the genre.

There are of course authors that are not that good and luckily for them use harem as a crutch to replace the difficult romance and character development aspect.

If you don't see a popular fic of a fandom I follow and wonder why it's not here, it's probable that it doesn't deserve a mention and I don't wanna waste time explaining why HP and Methods of Rationality or Natural 20 are overrated or why something else is crap.

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