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Lord Rexis PM
Joined Apr '17

Rule #1: Don't question me because if you do, your answer might be along the lines of "Let me borrow *blank*

Name: Lord Rexis

Age: Hehe

Stuff I watch/read: A lot

Random Fear I Have: Being a hobo.

Random Thoughts: (Someone's gonna read em all)

1. Van Kleiss was one badass nerd when you think about it.

2. I'd like to have a beard

3. My likes don't paint a very good picture of me. It's an accurate picture though.

4. My favorite SpongeBob characters are Fred, Tom, and Sandals

5. Blue haired girls are pretty amazing. Not to say other hair colors are bad tho. I really love blue hairs tho, all variations.

6. Kittens are pretty great.

7. Fink from OK K.O. has to be there most adorable little evil mouse ever in the history of ever.

8: It's okay to talk to yourself. The guys with invisible friends are the real crazies.

9: Beef jerky is raisin meat.

More will be added at a later date

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