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General Stuffs: Books, riding my bike, sleeping, my gay cats, video games, Borders, Javaculas, Deviant Art, Sheezy Art, Pokemon gen 1-3, werewolves, STARBUCKS!!, wolves, most cat breeds, salamanders, geckos, spiders, pit bulls, snakes, and writing.

Favorite Books: The Twilight series (excluding Breaking Dawn), Inkspell, Inkheart, the Earth's Children series, The Best Cat Ever, Blood and Chocolate, Thief Lord, the Harry Potter series, the Chronicles of Narnia, Odd Girl Out, What Happened to Lani Garver, all of Stephen King's books, Maximum Ride, Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging (don't ask, please.), Felidae.

Favorite Manga: Black Cat, Kamui, Sayuki, Vampire Knight, Chrono Crusade, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, D.N.Angel, Wolf's Rain, EnDyox, Ouron High School Host Club, D. Grey Man, Trinity Blood.

Favorite Music: Rock, Gothic Rock, Metal, Techno, Celtic.
Cruxshadows, Prodigy, Metallica, Linkin Park, Tokio Hotel (their German songs...), Ali Project, music by this really awesome Celtic chick. ;.

Favorite Games: Kingdom Hearts (all), Jak and Daxter (all), Spyro (all), Tetris, Rummy, Tonk, LoZ, SSB + Brawl, pokemon (all), King's Blood, others...

About Kogasha: 'Ello! I'm a 16-year-old junior. I'm usually grounded, and have around 100 characters. Also, I'm horrid at spelling.
Note: I'm a GIRL!
I've got two wives (both of them male) and -insert two digit number here- kids... apparently. (Roleplay, people, it's not real.) Oh, and a mistress... xD
Nicknames: Cookie, Kogasha, Shippe, Jacob, Lupine, L, Evil Person, Doggie, Marluxia, Sephiroth, Kagome, Mercutio, Marius, Timcanpi.
Websites: Five.
Currently fangirling: Axel (KHII), L (Death Note), Jacob (Twilight Series), Sirius (HP), Jake (Dark Tower), Link + Sheik (LoZ: Ocarina of Time), Train (Black Cat), Timcanpi + Lavi (D. Grey Man)
Wants to watch: Sweeney Todd
Wants to read: What Happened to Lani Garver

About My Characters

The Yakoi was, at one time, a group of infinitely powerful weres (Ex. werewolf, werecat, wererex...). These weres were the first on the continent of Kuyate. The oldest of the Yakoi is, actually, a Tyrannosaurus Rex. (He's still alive, btw...) Then other types of weres, different kinds of vampires, giants, elves, dwarves, and other such things came to the continent. Last came the humans, who ended up uniting the weres, vampires, giants, and so on, into becoming a group of allied species who defend each other from Slayers, all under the title of Yakoi.

Youri Hieu Academy
A city of mass proportions under the guise of a school, Youri Hieu Academy is the moste well run and well defended city in all time. It is not penetrable from the outside, and the only entrance is many days' ride away. It is defended by mind readers, bombers, mages, fighters, and healers of all kinds.

Youri Hieu Academy (school)
Youri Hieu Academy is a school for any students who want to learn how to defend themselves form the Slayers. Of course, they also learn the history of their continent, and the school, and all that. The Academy is open to everyone except for Slayers. They even have a few ex-Slayers.

The Slayers are a (large) group of humans who think that anything that is not strictly human or animal should not exist. Their main goal in life is to destroy the Yakoi, bit they also want to know why the Yakoi are so strong, can transform, have special powers, and are innately telepathic. They will stop at nothing to destroy them, and become the supreme beings in Kuyate (ku-YAH). They destroy the Yakoi's families, steal their children, and force said children to help destroy more yakoi. In a sense, they force the Yakoi to fight and kill their own family.

PS: If I catch ANYONE using my characters/stories/names/titles, they WILL suffer. Terribly.

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