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A little info about myself:

I'm ALIVE!! I do still exist and am back to writing stories! I promise!

So, wanna hear my drama? Tons of stuff has happened that set me back on my writing. One being a change in jobs, the place where I was working allowed me enough free time to write as much as I wanted. Now, i don't have such luxury. Second, I moved to a new place. So of course it took time to set everything back up. THEN!!! My computer crashed!! All of the stories I had been writing were lost to the great computer underworld! It was sometime later I found an old flash-drive that had back ups of the bulk of the stories. Editing phase 1. So I had to clean a lot of stuff. THEN!!! My netbook went capoot! So there went my stuff AGAIN!!! Agh! It was like a never ending circle! So finally i got a new computer and the netbook fixed (fixed as in i hold my breath and pray it turns on)

So anywhoo. I just updated the edited versions of my Ranma fic. Nothing ground breaking changed, just a little grammar and spelling. Some new little inserts and information that i added. But nothing one should have to re-read. But seeing that its been almost 4 years since I've updated, then you might want to have a refresher.

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