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I am a girl from Tokyo that will read everything and anything thrown at me.

Although I am not of age yet, I have always preferred mature books to those aimed for younger audiences. (I read Doctor Zhivago when I was eleven haha. Not in Russian, though. In English.)

However, I still read novels for preteens and young adults as well, and am not entirely picky when it comes to books.

I am, however, picky when it comes to anime and manga. (I come from the land of 2D anything, so I believe it is justified. I remember everybody in my fifth grade class reading Attack On Titan before it was popular in Western nations.)

I love watching horror movies, and anything cable. Or Netflix, nowadays. But I still prefer cable.

And yes, I speak English. I also speak Japanese. It is my first language. I loved living in the States, especially their wild and scrumptious turkeys, but even the turkey sandwiches can't beat fresh seafood. And wasabi. The best part of sushi is definitely the wasabi.

I am studying for my college entrance exams, and cannot log in as often as I could, but they will hopefully be over in a few months. Hopefully. If I fail EVERY SINGLE exam, I am going to have to repeat a year. I really don't want that, since that means that I am going to miss the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. What a bummer, right?

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