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I can't imagine what you guys might want to know about me, but here's the basics. Married twice, divorced twice, have a daughter, Rachel (living, by the way). I have a very active imagination. I live with my boyfriend. We have a parakeet, a cockatoo and a rat terrier puppy. I need a job, but that's difficult, at best. I wish I could get paid to read fan fiction, but I don't think that such a job exists (for pay, anyway). It frosts my cookies when a writer just up and disappears and leaves a story unfinished, especially one that I think is worth continuing. Anyway, if anyone has questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. Like most authors, I love to hear what people think of my work. I might be adding a short story to my collection soon too.

I have also joined grumpyk's National Dork Association. First of all, read her work - it's fantastic. Second, if you want to join the NDA, just PM her and let her know - we can always use more members! Here's the roster so far:

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