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favorite stories: top quality or simply fun to read and even worth reading again

followed stories: ones i am reading but prob will not again and rarely add to fav

favorite writers: good writers, even if the function of favoring doesnt seem to do anything.

followed profiles: ppl who seem to find good stories for me to read.

in my experience a good story needs two things creativity and logic. these two are opposites though and most ppl lean heavily towards one side of the scale. the truly great can do both and those are the rare few master pieces.

ofc this is simplifying things a lot because both creativity and logic come with a lot of subsections but it gets the gist of it.

i myself prefer a creative story that makes sense(even if according to the rules of the writer) and if that mean the story structure and grammar or even language is shit? meh that matters little. its like an ugly ass car that had a good engine under the hood allowing it to preform well. if that makes any sense to you.

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