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Hey! Thanks so much for checking out my stories and my profile! I write mainly for Newsies. Right now it's mostly bromance and fluff, with a few slightly darker projects in the works. If you like what I have here, you should check out NewsgirlsInNeverland! It's the joint account that I share with the wonderful SomedayonBroadway. If you're in the mood for crossovers or just two writers being evil together, I highly recommend it.

I'm on tumblr under the same name as I am here, bexlynne. If you want to message me here or on there, please feel free! I’m like Tinker Bell and I love attention. Notifications of any kind make me happy.

Okay, so life has this annoying habit of getting in my way. Things like work and school have to take priority over writing sometimes (I know, boring), so if you made a request a while ago and I haven’t used it, it has been heard! I might be MIA for a while but I’ll never abandon a story, and even if I’m not posting much odds are that I’m still on the site a lot. So feel free to send me a PM or leave a review, remind me that I need to update. It'll be good for me. Tinker Bell, attention? Remember?

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