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Quick note: I'm moving my fics over to AO3 now. Well, the ones I like most only to be honest. Which is only like three of them but oh well. My username on AO3 is Look_for_the_miracles

Hi there, I'm Look-for-the-miracles. Given that you're on my profile, I guess you already know that.

I'm a book-crazy female currently studying for a biology degree. My favourite colour is blue and I have such a sweet tooth. I'm British (but that's all you're getting for where I live). I'm not great at this writing thing but I'm doing my best, and I'm enjoying every single minute. That's all I can ask for. That and the magical completion of my current WIP: nearly 40,000 words at the moment and only about halfway done. If only it would start writing itself ...

I'll be adding much more to this later on.


Choices, Secrets, and Lies (I shall likely schedule this for a rewrite at some point)

Status:- In-progress

When Ava went exploring, she didn't expect to find something that would shoot her across worlds to a world so similar, and yet different. She didn't expect to be kidnapped by a government agent on her first day in America. She didn't expect to fight alongside the movie heroes she'd grown up watching. But she definitely didn't expect to part of so many choices, secrets, and lies.


Status:- Complete

First, they kidnap her; second, interrogate her; and then third have a pizza party with her. What kind of people are they? Nemesis is a teen vigilante, protecting the streets of Midtown Manhattan by night, and trying not to fail college by day. When an unexpected proposal drags her into the world of superheroes, gods, assassins, how will she cope? Nemesis just wants to help people.

Nemesis: In-between time

Status: In-progress

A collection of one-shots and short stories as they go from AOU to CA:CW. Follow Astraea and the Avengers as they grow closer as a team and a family, getting up to all sorts of trouble both on and off the battlefield. Whether it be missions, movie nights, or messy food fights the Avengers are a great team. They'll stick together in battle and in the in-between time. No matter what.

A Rose by any other name

Status: Complete

It's the morning after her wedding when Rose Cotton – no, Rose Gamgee now – reflects on the many names she's had. To almost everyone, she's been called something other than her given name. Only in the small hours of the morning after her wedding, after her name has changed once more, does she start to reflect on the names of her life.

Fractured glass

Status: Complete

The world is different now. It’s the thing Frodo thinks about most these days. The world is better now, free of great evil. And yet … it doesn’t feel the same. It doesn’t feel like home used to feel. Everything feels different to him, like strange echoes of the past, distorted and twisted. He's staring through a fractured glass of his making, looking out at a once-familiar world.

From Child To Rebel

Status: Complete

Follow a young torgruta child as she grows up in the waning years of the Republic and throughout the rise of the Empire. From a frightened young girl to a powerful rebel, Kaya faces the challenges of tyrannical empire the only way she can: with hope for brighter days, stories of the past, and a pair of blasters at her waist.

You can now find me on the LOTRO server Crickhollow playing as Hellelas. I would really recommend playing Lord Of The Rings Online - it's a great game; lots of fun and a (generally) nice community. Brilliant way to really 'live' in Middle-earth in the best way possible. It's also free to play, though you can spend money on in-game points and subscriptions to become VIP. The in-game points (LPs) can be gathered by playing the game, so it's perfectly possible to buy all the expansions and many other things without spending any money at all.

In terms of my long (and still growing!) list of favorite fanfics, I would completely recommend each and every one of them. Some of these fanfics on here are absolutely outsounding - whether it be for the plot, writing style, or characterizations (or a combination of all) they are simply wonderful to read. There are many writers on here who I would happily, and eagerly, read original fiction from. This website is such a goldmine of writing ability. And even if you don't think your work is that good yet, just that you're still learning how best to write. I'm definitely still learning, and so is everyone else. Even those writers who seem to achieve impossibly high review counts in the thousands will still be learning and growing as writers. Maybe one day, we'll reach those numbers ourselves. But I know from some beautiful stories I've read on here that the number of reviews or follows you have isn't necessarily a count of how good the writing is. It doesn't matter as long as you write for you.

Adding on to this, my favourites list is now not far of being 2000 stories. Got to admit, part of me is determined to have the longest list of favourites of the site. I'll have to keep my fingers crossed.

So, that's everything I can currently think to add to this humble little profile. I'm only at the start of my fan-fiction journey, but I hope to travel far. After reading so many wonderful stories, I just had to have a crack at writing my own. Thank you, for being the wonderful readers I need to stay and be a fanfic author.

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