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Oiiii! I'm back!

After yet another super long hiatus I've returned to the tale of Antiquated Folly and have revamped the fate of its characters twice over into a more condensed, meaningful storyline I can happily tread. With stockpiled chapters to prevent any future long waits—and without the terrible grammar, disruptive inserts, and non-proofread blasphemies of my adolescence —I present to youa story about the resurrectional tidings of love and friendship in the midst of an encompassing war. We discover a lethal curse and calamity of past origin, along with a great lost knowledge and an ancient machina that threatens the stability of the entire shinobi world.
In twists and turns and ethereal mysteries, we find hope along angst and despair.

By remembering dreams that I left to the wayward side of inattention, I found perseverance and versatility. I manufactured the strength to forfeit the past and all the work that I stubbornly held onto, in order to pave the way for new light - new creations. I hope that any returning readers forgive me, and, along with new readers, enjoy what this journey has become.

I give you my canvas.

Let's finish this, together.


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