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Little 'me' bits of info: I am an over 20 yr old female who never seems to have enough time to do everything I want or more importantly need to do. I like to read far more than write (which is a pain as I sometimes have to ban myself from this site just to get things done :P) but find the latter a good way to use up my over-active imagination and while i love art, MY art never comes out the way i want it to :) Though its getting better, honestly! :P

Interests: Gravitation;FAKE; Fruits Basket; DC Superheroes:NW/Bats/JLU/TT; Gundam Wing; Beyblade; Marvel (Rogue & multiple mixed characters); LOTR; Smallville; Scooby-Doo; Farscape; Stargate SG1; DNAngel; Eerie Querie; Yu-Gi-Oh (NOT GX!); Cowboy Bebop; Harry Potter; Legal Drug; Avatar-Last Airbender; Yami no Matsuei; Transformers (several versions); Twilight

Also Like: 'The Amber Chronicles' & nearly all Roger Zelazny books, Duckula, Buffy LVS, Angel, Bones, Sci-Fi books, Tolkien LOTR style books, Occult-type books, Supernatural, Jonathon Livingstone Seagull, almost all genres of music, Star Wars, Indiana Jones 1-4, Firefly, The Prisoner (new series) and any number of things that I'm sure will bore you guys further!


1. The Little Popsicle: First off I want to state that this is finshed. While this was technically my first fanfic ever (though not the one I started first), and I enjoyed playing with these characters there won't be anymore updated to it. So don't bother adding it to any 'alerts' cause this is all you get! No 'missing scenes', no author notes, no 'sequels'...nothing. Thanks to everyone whose had a positive response to this one, even though looking back I can't quite believe I wrote it.

2. Pink, Pink and Orange and Easy Fluffy: Gravitation: These are finished also. I know I said there may be more in the latter but to be frank I haven't read/watched Gravitation in ages and can't see myself getting back into it. I wont take the stories down even though Easy Fluffy does make me cringe quite a bit now, but I won't be updating them either.

3. Incomplete: Now I did have a funny idea that originally went with this one but it was half formed and I had no desire to start a new long one when there are others to finish first. Since it is a story I wouldn't mind seeing done, I'm wondering on whether I should set it as a challenge for someone else?

4. Easy Fluffy: YGO: Now THIS one has been a real pain! The idea for it is still there and its actually quite well formed but the writing of it has pretty much stopped altogether. Its been annoying me for sometime now as I've had the next chapter half finished for nearly 2 years now! I'm not reading much YGO and that is probably where the biggest lull is but this is one of those I would like to finish. I've pretty much decided to scrap the current chapter (i know i know could be very bad idea!) and start anew with a different view...

5. Inbetween: I believe I explained most of the issue with this in the last chapter update, so I will leave that as is.

6. Tainted: Again another one I am determined to finish and which is seriously flipping me off as a result. I know, looking back at the first chapters, that my writing skills have improved since then and that the first chapters aren't going very far very fast. I would change them but then I'm worried I won't be able to duplicate the setting I've set. Again, the lull in beyblade related material is probably the biggest problem...another is the loss of my design sheets :( I think to get this one going again, much as with number 4. a touch up on the subject will be needed and then a different approach is the best choice.

NEW(ish) Bunnies:

1. DC Superheroes: AU based on a an imaginary tale set in the 1960s. Since Batman and Superman are brothers, what if the ending was different and 'Robin' was brought into the mix. How would it all go down? (Sorry summary for this one is difficult to write!)It is not necessary to read issue as I am changing it slightly anyway so the prologue will sort that out. It will be set in accordance to its times but modernized to fit with today's world slightly (if that makes any sense)...I'm not sure if this will be done anytime soon... - This one has never quite left me alone. Unfortunately I was never able to get some particulars figured out. Though I still want to write this I think I'm going to have to accept that there are holes and parts that simply wont add up because I dont know enough about crime or child social services. Currently the 1st chapter is still under way...its long and boring cause I essentially have to redo the original issue so as to set the back story.

2. Beyblade King and Spencer (anyone seen this pair before?). - I'm not even sure if the person who requested this even remembers that they did its been so long. I have bits and pieces of this one written though none of those bits currently fit together. WHEN it'll be uploaded is the hundred dollar (pound?) question.

Community (C2) Group (still going just havent read any YGO in a while)

Mine is a Yugioh based group which is slowly being filled with Klepto - and Cross -shipping as I read them; thats Yami no Bakura x Yuugi and Yami no Malik x Yuugi, respectively. Not some of the best stories to ever grace this site (or others!) but still.
While the group essentially has Klepto as it main origins, I've found that Cross also fits in with the facts described in its summary (and because I can't make another C2!). Therefore I placed them both together. Not only are full on pairings included - wherein these characters are actually together - but stories involving innuendo, hinting or teasing are often included if they make it clear enough. However I've also come to add - to an extent! - stories that have these characters interact largely in the storyline in a different (though not necessarily nice), larger than normal, sometimes very friendly and almost pre-yaoi (if you like) kind of way. These are more difficult to judge, because obviously there has to be a limit and since I love these pairs (and characters) so much, my often biased opinion could let me get carried away if I don't rein it in.
Back to the point:

A list will fill this space of fanworks (mostly fic unless there is a good other) focusing on these two pairs, that are NOT part of the site. All just so I can try and tempt more people to learn to like them! lol just kidding _ ...sorta. WATCH & WAIT. No links included anymore buyou should still be able to find them.

TAFL Fanlisting Klepto: Eclipse by Murasaki Rose

-'A Night of Sin' by Fyrbyrd at Adult Fan Fiction

Favourite Quotes
"To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour."
-The Auguries of Innocence, William Blake

Carry a piece of quiet: "Concentrate on silence. When it comes, dwell on what it sounds like. Then strive to carry that quiet with you wherever you go."
-From P.Wlison's Little Book of Calm

"Enjoy 'it' for what 'it' is"

"Forget the Queen! God save the England Cricket Team!"
-(on a poster board held up by a fan some many years ago i thought it was incredibly funny hmm not that I follow cricket)

“Jonouchi!” Yugi hissed, “Jonouchi let me go! I’m not a teddy bear!”
-Love, Hate, and Utter Confusion chp8 by darkmistressofyaoi


You know if you type in your author name into google you can retrieve everything you've ever sent through this site? I did it on a whim and man, its scary to see how many messages i've left people! Stories I've reviewed and the like!!

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