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Rubbish writer who sometimes pens stories for King of Fighters and Resident Evil when I can't sleep. (Though, tbh, I'm having way too much fun in KOF right now so Idk when I'll hit any other fandoms again.) I don't write a lot of action -- just people talking shit and being real; also, some of the subject matter can get pretty heavy, so if you're not into either of those things then you will probably want to look elsewhere for reads.

My lizard brain craves validation, so don't be afraid to tell me what you think. Like what I'm doing? Cool! Tell me why! Hate it? Okay, that's fine, too. Let me know what I've done wrong so I can improve! On that note, I am always down to talk headcanons or answer questions, so if you fancy a chat you can drop me a line here, or creep into my tumblr Ask Box () because it's always open or whatever. (I'm also at AO3 but there's no PM system there, so that's out.)

It should go without saying, but my work may never, ever, ever, EVER be used anywhere without my express permission. If you want to share it, please use the links to the original works. Reblog it on tumblr. Spread it like wildfire. But do not ever reproduce it.

Now go read my work (if you haven't already) and tell me I'm pretty.

Note: I’ve made the decision to start posting scraps and supplements on my tumblr. Check out the Fanfiction page for more of my bullshit, including headcanons, writer asks, and the occasional doodle.

Note #2: Now that I've written hella KOF stories I should probably leave a handy-dandy guide with the chronological order of my "Kingverse" fics so here you go:

Uncomfortable Liar
Sad Transmission
Silver Lining
Much Like Suffocating
Sleep Apnea (between MLS chapters 6 and 7)
Legalities (between MLS chapters 6 and 7)
Burn It All
How Do You Sleep?
Oxygen to Breathe
Out of Gas (takes place between OtB chapters 5 and 6)
Pinky Swear (takes place between OtB chapters 10 and 11)
Bothered and Bewildered
Thanks For Nothing (Thanksgiving special!)
A Profound Impact (Although the events take place primarily before all of these, the current-day stuff is after TFN)
A Loose End
Bang (Takes place during Red)
When The Party's Over
Hurt (collab with Rex Madison. Go check him out if you haven't already.)
Grim Struggle (RE2/KOF mashup)
Wonder What's Next (Thanksgiving special 2k19!)
Another Know It All
Pins and Needles
Well Enough Alone
Seclusion Stories (before and after Subdued Celebration, etc.)
A Subdued Celebration
Karma Police (collab with jojoDO)
Good Cop, Bad Cop
Officer Friendly
Pep Talk

Decimation is a side story bonus that has nothing to do with any of the other stories listed above and can be read whenever.

Stripes is also a side story that stands on its own.

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