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Hello! I'm one of those people who has become completely (and mortifyingly) addicted to reading fanfiction. Especially Harry Potter ones...(go on, point and laugh, I know, I'm a dork, and proud of it! so there.) Actually, I blame my friends for my addiction, but I probably have something to do with it as well. _

Just a few things to say about myself/rant about:

Favourite Pairings:

Draco/Hermione--though I have to admit these are starting to get pretty tiresome. same obstacles to overcome over and over again, I still love them! Ginny/Harry
Harry/Pansy (just to shake things up a bit every so often)
Bill/Fleur--only when highly amusing
Fred and George with anyone really. They're so inescapably amusing.

Pairings I cannot abide:

Harry/Hermione--uh uh, I dont want to hear any of your but's, they just don't belong together!
Snape/any student--can we all say "eughahahahaghghah"? nasty.
Incest-it's the principle of the thing. Id like to think we have somewhat evolved from biblical days. Im an optimist at heart--so sue me!
Lucius/Hermione--see Snape/any student. Actually this pair is way worse than Snape/student.
Neville/Ginny/Hermione--actually, if its a background pairing, and the rest of the story is pretty good, then I can, in fact, abide it.

New: I've decided to add some favourite quotes from fanfics...this'll take awhile to remember where they all are, but I add to it as I find them.

"We are talking about your transfiguration homework, not my knickers..." ~ Hermione, in "Crimson and Clover", by starrymoonmaiden.

Bad Hermione! It was an evil name. Very, very evil. Just the sound of "Xavier" made you think of dark, scary manors, cobwebs, and long, black capes. And leather pants." Hermione, in "Sensible Senselessness", by Dreaming One.

He was starting to see the upside of things. So much so that he actually had started wiggling his fluffy bunny tail." ~ Draco/narrator, in Trials of Affliction and Light Sleeping, by Padfoot the Marauder.

Is that from Everything I know about Psychology I learnt from a fortune cookie?” ~ Tonks, in Promises of Spring, by Kerichi.

Hermione dropped into a fighting stance and threw out a few quick side kicks before whirling around in a flying roundhouse that left her foot a scant inch from Akio’s left ear. “No. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with my legs.”
Akio pressed his hands to his heart. “That was, without question, the single sexiest thing I have ever seen from a woman. Oh. My. God. You really are Heroine Hermione.” When Hermione failed to respond by so much as twitching a muscle, other than the one in her left eyebrow, he reached up to gently lower her leg to the ground. “I got it. No skirts.” Glancing at his watch, he added, “I’ll see what I can find." ~Akio, in The Taste of Honey, by a_bees_buzz. (ok, so it's really a passage--but it's AWESOME!)

“I don’t believe it,” Zacharias yelled. “Even the Snitch fancies Malfoy!..." ~Zacharias Smith, in Pineapple, Yum! Or, oh, Coconut!, by lifesaverkat

Dislikes in Fanfics: Corniness: gaaah! I cant stand sappy stories! occasional, well written fluff is accepted, but if I hear one more eye described as a "brilliant, shining orb"( or if it involves the following adjectives: emerald; sky blue; sapphire; chocolate) cue sarcastic, breathy, "romantic" voice, I will scream. Or , better yet, I will send the author a forestfire, not flame, forestfire.
Oh! Ive got something to add to the list qualifications for sending a forestfire:
-"Well toned body"; "quidditch-toned-body"; Anything that bloody uses the word combo of "toned-body"! I mean, come on, is that best way you can tell the reader that the guy/girl is hot? Besides, there's no cardiovascular/physical exercise involved in quidditch--except for beaters maybe--so where's the connection btween quidditch and muscles?

Actually, most of my dislikes can be placed under the category of "corniness" so that's all

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