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The Great Doxkid.


I am 17 years old. Look for me in Counter Strike, or Unreal Tournament 2K4.


An avid fanfiction reader, who has recently tried his hand at writing as well. Is known as Doxkid in Unreal tournament 2004, where he has changed his name over five times; there is only one doxkid, though he has old accounts named the same. Belongs to MidNightLightning MNL clan, and SniPeR SPR clan, both mantained by SPRShade, his best friend.

BETA: Spatic44- a talented author who edits out the horrors of Doxkid's mistakes. I either have it perfect, or misspelled any word more complex than 'At'...seriously.


Bloodline Kinjutsu: Orochimaru's jutsu's were added to the forbidden scroll...and eventually used by Naruto. Now, he faces a greater danger that any other ninja: The demon king, and himself. Several times.

Inner darkness: Azkaban didn't like Harry. Neither did his animagus form. So when Sirius rreturns to save his godson, both kind of messed things up. Now a demi-human monster is hunting everyone, Harry is eating souls and Voldemort's horcruxes are activating.

Other stories are up for adoption.

New stories being worked out:

Z war: Inspired by a zombie apocolpyse Naruto fic. People with minor elemental powers, versus zombies with massive elemental powers, normal zombies, themselve and good old mother nature. this will be part unreal tournament, part naruto with EVERY characte dieing, excluding 2 I've already sleected.

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