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I am 32, married and have 2 kids. I don't write fanfic because I am not a good writer and I don't want to ruin a good thing. My new obsession is Moonlight and McBeth Fanfiction. Well I will read all Moonlight fic. And because of this new obsession I cannot read anything else. Used to be a huge Trory fan but that is gone now. I usually will review, but sometimes I don't because I get lazy or just don't want to on that day. I know I should.

Favorite Shows:

CW: Supernatural, Smallville, One Tree Hill,

CBS: Moonlight, all CSIs, NCIS, Numb3rs, Ghost Whisperer

NBC: Heroes, Las Vegas, SVU, Chuck

FOX: Bones, anything with Chef Ramsay



What do the intials PDLD means? I know that the 'shipper is Rory/Finn. Found out that it means 'Punch Drunk Love Duo'. Thanks Jmarit17. (Read her stories. She is the BEST. Awesome writer. Have I told you that lately, Jmarit?)

GG Pairings:

Trory-Tristan & Rory

Literati 'Lit'-Jess & Rory

PDLD (see above for meaning)-Finn & Rory

Rogan/Sophies- Logan & Rory

Narco-Dean & Rory

Java Junkies 'JJ' 'LL'-Luke & Lorelai

Balcony Buddies- Christopher & Lorelai

Moonlight Pairings:




If I have some of these wrong let me know. I will change then and if there are any to add let me know too.

Background facts from Moonlight

Mick likes A+. Guillermo likes O+. Stated in No Such thing as Vampires. Josef prefers AB-. Stated in Sleeping Beauty.

Beth's blood type is AO-. Stated in Love Lasts Forever.

Mick was turned in 1952 and he was 30. Stated in Dr. Feelgood. Makes him born in 1922.

Josef is 400. Stated in Dr. Feelgood.

Guillermo and Terrance are 2 morgue attendants.

In The Mortal Cure, Coraline mentions that Louis XVI and various members of his extended family were vamps. Also during the Reign of Terror they killed vamps. That was 214 years ago. Now that seems like that makes Coraline not that old. From the way she explained everything it seems that either she was turned around that time or way before that. Mick says he smelled a lot of decay which I could understand with them being old, but he would smell a lot of decay from Josef what with him being 400 and Coraline with her being the sister. I don't understand is if Coraline is older than Josef, then why would she mention someone younger than her that was turned to make her seem younger.

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