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Maderfole PM
Joined Oct '05

Age: 30

Profession: Radiation Saftey Inspector

Biologicals: Male, 6 foot even, one thirty pounds, blond hair, hazel eyes, slim

Hobbies: Console gaming (PS2/3 for RPG's, Gamecube for everything else), Online MMORPG (World of Warcraft), watching Anime (Gundam SEED is obviously a favorite, but other shows on my top list are Last Exile, Samurai Seven, FullMetal Alchemist, Scryed, Gankutsuo "The Count of Monte Cristo", Burst Angel and most recently Speed Grapher (Damned good, but TV MA rated so... most of you can probably get it anyway...)), reading Manga (Negima, SA, Vampire Knight, Hellsing, Bleach), writing (thus the profile and the story), reading sci fi/fantasy, Cooking and Traveling. And my job... even if it sucks at times.

Favorites: Music: Techno, heavy metal rock or industrial. I find listening to stuff with a heavy and fast beat helps me write. And I just plain like it; Food: Pork in Argentinian green sauce; Activity: sleeping (you can never have enough in the Navy), followed closely by writing; Sport: Soccer; Outdoor Activity: Scuba Diving; Movie: ... still thinking...; Author: Currently John Ringo... also George R. R. Martin, Terry Goodkind, J. K. Rawling, Dan Abnett... and I get a heck of a kick out of my own stuff too; Country: USA (though Japan is awesome to visit)

Should stop myself or I'll go on for quite a while. If you find me interesting, I'm usually willing to talk, though I have many demands on my time, so I might not reply all that punctually.

The site seems screwy of late. Has stopped recording hits on my stories, won't display new private messages on the inbox tab, and apparently my porfile link to my forums no longer exists, nor does anyone else with forums. So until whatever the heck is going on with the site is resolved, here's my forums link, just copy paste it to the browser window.


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