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Hey everyone! It's been a minute- well more than a minute. I just finished my finals. Guess who's now going to be a Sophomore in college! To those wondering yes, I did get accepted to and now go to a university on the East Coast so Kudos to me :)

I've been a little stuck on my writing and honestly, I've been too lazy to write especially because of COVID and school. All I did was lay around all day and read Fanfics. I've recently read a few good ones and I'm slowly feeling the urge to write, so I decided to switch things up.

To those wondering what will happen to my old Fanfics, yes... I'm retiring them. I know it's not too much of a major shock to you all considering most of them never hit 20k, but I just don't feel like continuing them.

Instead, however, I have something new to present.

So everyone and their mom knows who The Dark Wolf Shiro is on Fanfic, and if you don't then I highly recommend reading his stuff. I'm a little inspired by his work, especially on how he operates the Gamer system and the multiverse thing he does. I know a bunch of other authors follow his example or imitate it, like The Game Must Go On by crossedge, among others.

So F it, I'm making my own damn universe. The PokePercutoPotterverse.

I'll start uploading once I've written 60k for at least two verses. Stay tuned for an update.

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