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Welcome to my profile as barren as it may be. The only thing of note I will place here for the future will be a list of Pokemon that Solaire has in my story. One thing to note is that Pokemon in my story will have all their ability with exception of contradictory abilities and the hidden abilities which just means good genetic.

Master of Steel

Solaire Eversteel Pokemon:

Saphira F (Lairon) - Heavy Metal/Rock Head/Sturdy

Hestia F (Gardevoir) - Trace/Synchronize

Choppers M (Mawile) - Intimidate/Hyper Cutter (This ability prevents attack reduction in the game, here it does that and can cut through defenses easily)

Solid M (Steelix) - Rock Head/Sturdy

Balto M (Riolu) - Inner Focus

Shila F (Skarmory) - Sturdy/Keen Eye (This ability prevent accuracy reduction in the game, here it does that and allow for increase accuracy for the Pokemon moves)

Mithril (Metang) - Clear Body (Ingame this prevent any stat reduction, here it does that as well as preventing entrapment to a limited degree)

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