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whats to say ...what to say ... im a yaoi fangirl from canada.

name : Patricia but you could call me almost anthing and ill answer

Gender: Female

age: well tahts somthing we would all like to know... .

Fav: manga,fanfics(yaoi),and music,shopping,wrighting..

Like: I like people who tell the truth,free thinkers, things that are sweet (candy...),play fighting with cody and hanging out with friends..

Dislikes: snubs,racists,nosy people,people who can only follow others, jerks,math (EVIL...EVIL... . . )

Fav. anime: Naruto, inuyasha, sailormoon, deathnote,

fandoms: well im in love with naruto yaoi right now,

i most likely will not post anthing that i wright ...

but if ther is something you do want to know about me just ask ...

and YES i know my spelling sucks.

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