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Ok, I'm not 15 anymore. :-( I'm 16 now, and I still love stories! YAY! I love G/CC for DBZ. S/D for Sailor Moon. D/D Donkey Kong. A/J Aladdin. G/M Outlaw Star. And T.../R! for Tenchi Muyo! YAY RYOKO! But anyways I love DBZ best. :-) Review my stories please! I'm a first time writer and if you don't I won't know how to get better k? Bye Bye! Y'all, I am horribly sorry, but it is my first year in college and you have NO idea how busy I am. I promise I will finish this story, but it's probably going to take awhile. I am REALLY sorry, but I love you all, and will write again soon.

8-15-05 Yeah... ignore the above info... it's very late. Y'all, once again I am SO sorry, nobody told me that college would keep me SO busy. I'm going through alot right now, unfortunately my grandmother (whom I LOVED with every fiber of my soul died this past year, my family is going into major amounts of debt to send me to college and lots of other things are going wrong. I could do a really fast sucky chapter to end all of this, but I'd really hate to do that to all of you. I am SO sorry, but I have to take care of my life first and I'm just not in the good writy flowy mood right now. I promise that I WILL finish this story as long as I'm alive, but right now, other things must take precedence. I know I haven't updated in a year and I'm VERY sorry, but I can only ask for your patience as I try to get my life back together okay? Thank you, and may God Bless you all.
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