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4 years guys, 4 years have passed since I opened an account.


ToonTown Studio AU

My favourite AU because it contains Looney Tunes, Animaniacs AND Mickey Mouse. Can't beat that.

Stories (in chronological order)

  • Brothers in Arms- Looney Tunes (coming soon)

  • The Guardians of ToonTown -Epic Mickey

  • I was made for him, but he wasn't made for me- Looney Tunes

  • Clothing -Animaniacs

  • Working for a mouse (Now: The Mouse's Assistant)- Disney

  • The Nanny- Animaniacs (work in progress)

  • Proving a point -Animaniacs

  • United We Stand- Epic Mickey

  • Miss Honey- Animaniacs

  • No Amount of Slaps can hide the Screw- Animaniacs

  • Works that's far in the future

  • ToonTown Studio: Only one of you -Animaniacs

  • Dad and Me- Looney Tunes

  • Child of the Ink: The tales of Mayhem Mouse and the Ink Children- Disney and Animaniacs crossover

  • The Nanny 2: Trickster's Redemption

  • So you may be wondering why that one story title is in italics. Well, in all honesty, it's an 'idea' but I still want to put it up with the story's followers since Trickster is supposed to be the second big bad villain of the story. It's really up to them if they want to see that story. There's gonna be a poll up sooner or later.

    Family (Descendants, 2015)

    This is the story I'm mainly going with the flow unlike in ToonTown Studio.

    Stories in chronological order

  • You've seen those kind of eyes- The Curse of the De Vil Family (next)

  • When you wish upon a wishing star (current)

  • Evermore

  • Mirror Mirror

  • Friend like Me

  • What's my name?

  • Bibbity Bobbity Boo

  • Once upon a Dream

  • I have other stories as well but their mainly single stories that won't have sequels or prequels to them.

    UPDATE (REALLY IMPORTANT) My updates are getting really close to being random. The scare I gave with my story 'What I lost' had put on edge. I'm in my senior year of high school, which I'm sure is nothing compared to what uni students are going through but it's a struggle.


    My story had gone through a lot of changes along the years with concepts being changed and all that. Would you believe me if I told you Ophelia was initially gonna be a vampire what was 10 year old me thinking?

    Well I stumbled back on an old concept of my jewel. I think it was maybe the last concept before I released this official version. Well, I'm bringing it up now because I've regained my interest in it.

    That concept is much MUCH darker than 'The Nanny'. Like borderline Rated M. My writing skills back then were... egh... so I didn't think I'd capture that world too nicely. But with ToonTown Studio still taking a dark turn, I may go back to it the closer I am to finishing 'The Nanny'.

    The other reason why I dropped it was because I got stuck. I had no idea how to finish it and I feel comfortable knowing what my endings are so that I feel motivated to write that ending and post it. But I've got one for it now and I'll possibly start writing it sometime. Fingers crossed.

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