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LockAndKey989 PM
Joined May '17, USA

Hi my name is LockAndKey989,

Well actually it isnt but im not going to give out my name-name on a public site for the world to seeXD

My DeviantArt account is /lockandkey989

I also have a tumblr account under the name "lockandkey989"

Story ”Gods and Demigods Reading The Lightning Thief” recently removed by admin for violation of rules.

Story "My Little Sister Elsa" has been adopted by Wolf heart 22

My favorite show is "Once Upon a Time" (OUaT)

My favorite characters are:





My least favorite characters are:

-The Sultan (ouatiw)

-Johnathan (Zelena's father)

-Lady Tremaine

Characters that I want to see again are:

-Elsa & Anna

-Ruby & Dorothy


-Gerhardt (Dr. Whales Brother)

My other favorite show is "Doctor Who"

My favorite Doctors are:





Characters that I want to see again are:

-Susan Foreman

-The Rani

-The Valeyard

-The Paternostar Gang

I am also a really big fan of Frozen Fanfiction's. I just love the relationship between Elsa and Anna. How much they both grow throughout the film. In a good fanfiction I like Drama, Agst, Romance, Hate then Love.

Some of my hobbies include watching youtube videos, watching reactions, and drawing. I will say I am a decent drawer in photoshop but im open to critique.

If you do not like my work still try to be nice in your comments. I am open t suggestions for improving the story but let us try to remain civil.

Sorry to those who liked my “read lightning thief” fanfic. It got taken down due to copyright.

Here is a list of fanfic ideas I had the ideas to write but probably never will. If you feel inspiration, feel free:

- Road to Eternia: a season 6 she-Ra continuation fic, the best firnds squad go on a road trip and find eternia.--I wont write this because I never watched He-Man.

- Steven DeMayo-Steven Universe AU Future fanfic, What if Steven Quartz Universe was raised by his grandparents?

- Crossing Streams- a Steven Universe Future AU fanfic where Connie said “yes” to Stevens proposal. Not that she wanted too, but to help him. While fused they have a child with all Stevens power and mental problems.

- The Queen and the Spirit-Frozen 2 AU fanfic-Elsa isn’t Agnarr daughter and Anna isn’t Idunas. Elsa grew up in the enchanted forest and Anna grew up in Arendelle. These two strangers meet and make peace between their lands.

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