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Lady Erulisse PM
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Hello people of the world!

It is I, your friendly neighborhood fangirl. Doing my duty by reading FanFiction, writing FanFiction, crying over FanFiction, and all around daydreaming.


On a side note: Erulisse really should be Erulissë but alas, no special characters allowed. Thanks to my brother for suggesting the name :) I’ve always pronounced it ‘ee-RUE-lih-see’ but I very well might be wrong.

My username has changed a couple times over the past year but if you remember it and know me irl no you don’t. Just move along kindly thank you XD


Number of lotr fanfics started: 43

Number of lotr fanfics currently being worked on: 7

Number of lotr fanfics published: one soon... once I finish it XD (I refuse to start posting one that isn’t finished yet)


Profile updated: December 8, 2021

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