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5/25/2020: The Brick Wall Job, chapter 11, posted.

I never really considered myself a writer, but the stories in my head won't leave me alone until I write them down.

So far I've only written for Leverage, but my other interests include The A-Team (TV more than movie), The Librarians, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, and any number of other crime type shows. I may or may not ever write for them.

I love exploring team/family dynamics, not much into romance on the whole, except where it's cannon and a side dish rather than a main course. Big stickler for cannon unless a story is well-defined as AU.

I like to tie my stories together, but they can all stand alone. With regard to DVD order of the episodes, this is the chronological order of my stories:

The Finding Trust Job (during/just after The Snow Job episode)

The Safe Wolf Job (tag to The Mile High Job)

The Building Blocks Job (between The 12-Step Job and The First David Job)

The Take Two Job (during The Beantown Bailout Job)

The Worth A Thousand Words Job (tag to The Future Job)

The Sparky Job (Christmas between s2 and s3)

The Midnight Job (tag to The Inside Job)

The Long Night Job (tag to The Big Bang Job)

The Sewing Circle Job (early season 4)

The Brick Wall Job (between The Carnival Job and The Grave Danger Job)

I'll post this here in case I ever forget to add it to a story (which I do, quite often): I don't own Leverage and am making no profit off writing these stories, other than peace of mind.

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