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Name: Kyuubi no Kitsune of Uzushiogakure
Age: Centuries
Gender: N/A

Likes: i have a few things
Dislikes: i dislike somethings border on loathing a few
hobbies: i have hobbies
dreams: i had a dream of being apprenticed to the Trolling zelretch

Message to all authors I am new to writing and I can't write stories for crap , things I am gonna write are readings that's what I am gonna dedicate myself to doing if you don't know what that is it basically means taking canon characters of certain animes and mangas,and video games and having them read one of your stories of a THIER dimensions or world and comment on it the best examples are the naruto cast and RWBY cast oh and Percy Jackson. So when I get this working for when I fix my email account since I can't use Microsoft word, I would like to ask some of you authors such as DanielArceus and Yukicreweger can you make some readings please the author hussbek gave me permission to ask and I was planning to do some myself right now until I ran into a snag anyway can you please do some form and his stories that's all I ask till then kyuubi of uzu out. PS yukicreweger please help a fellow kitsune man please thanks.

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