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Christian / PK / Taiwanese-American

I draw mostly for The Lunar Chronicles, Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, and Leviathan. Find me at Sorcaron on DeviantArt and mf-islands on Tumblr. I also founded/run TLC Ship Weeks.

I haven't really ever written any fanfiction (I mostly fanart), but I've been reading fics for a loooong time. XD A couple years ago, ana-dante and I worked on a (massive) Lunar Chronicles fanfic, an AU which translates everyone back to fairy tale era. :3 No chapters have been written yet, but you can see fanart related to it here.

Check out these awesome Lunar Chronicles fanfics inspired by some of my drawings!!

  1. The Blindfold by lovelunarchron — inspired by Unbroken Promises [Cress x Thorne]

  2. Wired Connections by Andromeda Writes — inspired by After the Fire [Cinder x Kai]

  3. Think of Me by Banana Kissesrequested for Music Meme #10 [Levana x Rikan]

  4. Never in a Thousand Lifetimes by Aurum19 — inspired by Everlasting [Channary x Torin]

  5. After the Fire by Porsheee — inspired by After the Fire [Cinder x Kai]

  6. Masquerade by Porsheee — inspired by Masquerade [Cinder x Kai]

Favorite Books:

The Lunar Chronicles
Artemis Fowl; Percy Jackson/The Heroes of Olympus; Leviathan
Harry Potter; The Giver; Pride and Prejudice;
Throne of Glass; Mistborn; Red Rising

Favorite Anime/Manga:

Full Metal Alchemist; Nodame Cantabile; Five Centimeters per Second
Detective Conan; Prince of Tennis; One Piece; Vampire Knight

Favorite Shows:

Avatar: The Last Airbender; Legend of Korra
Once Upon a Time; Arrow; Downton Abbey


Zutara / Linzin / Royai / ConanxAi / ChiakixNodame
Çaito (CinderxKai) / Thuke / AlekxDeryn / Dramione

My username, aPeurDeFISH1412 ("afraid of fish"), is a reference to Kuroba Kaito/Kaitou KID. ;D

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