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I'm not a writer but a reader. I enjoy several fandoms: Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica (2003), The Big Valley, Bonanza, and have added a new one: NCIS.

Of course I have my favorite characters in each fandom. Supernatural: Dean, Battlestar Galactica: Lee Adama, The Big Valley: Heath, Bonanza: Joe, and in NCIS: Tony.

I enjoy reading stories that center around drama, adventure, hurt/comfort. I will admit I do love a good pre-series story or in the Supernatural fandon age regression or WeeChesters. I do not enjoy reading pairings (very often) unless it is a very well written OC. I will absolutely not read Wincest or any type of incestuous type stories. I'm not particularly fond of slash stories because it is just way off canon in the series I enjoy. I will read non-con type stories if handled with care and sensitivity. One of my favorite stories in a Supernatural is a story that revolves around this issue, but alas, it seems to be abandoned.

I do love giving positive feedback, but if there is an issue that needs to be address I feel that as a reviewer it ok to give constructive criticism.

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