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Welcome to my profile. I am glad you have decided to venture here and I hope this page finds you well. Without disclosing too much about myself personally, I would like you to know that I enjoy coffee, Owl City, and long walks through the woods. I fear social interaction and would much rather confine myself to a screen typing away my creative thoughts and ideas for various fandoms, of which you will mostly find here on Fanfiction.

Regarding what you will find within my stories:

A) My stories are either many chapters or one-shots. There really is no in-between. I put as much effort into a 1,000 word story as I do a 100,000 word story, so do not let that deter you from reading anything I post here!

B) I absolutely LOATHE OOC stories. I find it undeniably cringe-worthy and very awkward at times. I believe that characters are meant to be written in the style that the creator intended, so I strive to capture that in every story I write.

C) I am a HUGE romantic. I adore the art of shipping and I will go down with my ships. I could list all of them here, but I am sure there is scarcely enough room for so many.

D) This is a new section I have had to add due to recent events. I have absolutely ZERO tolerance for any kinds of flames, harassment, or negative criticism that is not constructive in or around my stories. I have already had to delete one of my one-shots over this, and I hope I don't have to do it to any more of them. Just be nice and if you don't like how a certain story is written, move on. It's that simple.

E) I am happy to give advice to anyone who asks for it. I am by no means a perfect writer and I have far to go, but I believe writing is an art that you perfect through passion and diligence. Never be ashamed of your writing or what others say about your writing. It is YOURS and only YOU can make it what it is meant to be.

My favorite fandoms range all over, from Star Wars to the Princess Bride, from the Twilight Zone to anything Disney. Anime is a genre I am slowly working into, but it possesses one of my absolute favorite shows, Attack on Titan.

I also have quite an affinity for animated movies, such as Trolls and Book of Life. I love the creativity being put into the animation industry right now, and I am looking forward to sequels!

Other than that, I'm sure my stories will more than speak for themselves so with that, I bid thee a good day/afternoon/evening/night!

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