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Status: Stories will be taken down to be beta-read and will be brought back rather slowly at the moment because of real life and the constant struggle of maintaining a 4.0 GPA with advanced classes- also, my muses are way too active 24/7. Example:

Multiple muses whisper lyrical words in my mind, drenched in sweet honey as they rhyme to an unknown symphony not yet played. Write, they taunt. Write this, another pulls, tugs with greedy fingers. They fight for time on the page, for space in my mind. I sigh, exasperated, "You guys do know I would like to have a normal writing schedule right?"

They giggled with mischief. 'So', one bravely taunts. 'Here's another idea.' I groan.

In other words, I apologize for the fact that I may not be able to work on things because between muses, real life, and health issues, I never have time. However! I finally have myself a beta-reader and am in the process of looking for more because they will speed up my update time amazingly. So, give a round of applause to those lifesavers.

Also, I swear to everything you believe in K, that if you pester me about writing more romance I will literally cry. I have no experience in the area, K. I love you, but please, if you're going to make me write it, help me do so~ I'm single pringle for a reason, my friend.

To clear up some confuzzle, K is a very enthusiastic friend of mine.

Help Wanted!

I am in great need of a beta-reader(s), and perhaps even a few co-authors for my stories with me being so busy! Please PM me if you can help or have any questions! Thank you!

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