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I am not a write. I am a reader. :)

I do enjoy a good story & have no problem being a sounding board or just throwing ideas out there if you ask.

I also enjoy many books / manga / anime.

Anime /Manga:
Skip Beat! / Kamisama Kiss / Assassination Classroom / Bleach / Kyo Kara Mouh / Gokusen / From Maid to Mother / Maid Sama / Noragami / Snow White with Red Hair / Vampire Knight / Dgray Man / Blue Exorcist / Soul Eater / Dengeki Daisy / Fairy Tale / Grancrest Senki / Koushaku Reijou No Tashinami / Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 / Sword Art Online / Dengeki Daisy / The Wallflower / ... Ok there are a lot more...


Kim Harrison- Hollows Series

Breeana Puttroff - Duskgate Chronicles

Rachel Morgan - Creepy Hollows Series

Jeff Wheeler - Covenant of Muirwood

Tolkin - LOTR

Bernhard Hennen - The Elven Saga

Kylie Chan - Dark Heaven

I will admit I don't really enjoy reading Henti or Yaoi/BL... I am not knocking those that do... I just find I don't get as invested in those characterizations. So I wouldn't have much input about them.

I have nothing but respect for those that do write no matter what you are writing. As long as you are enjoying the story you tell I think that is what truly matters. There are many here that give lost of insightful creative criticism. There are also those that just trash a story because they can.

Please writers if they are not being constructive ignore them. Half the time they don't read the whole story they just rant to feel they have power... They don't if you don't let them... Don't give up on a story if you enjoy the story you are telling others will as well.

OK... That was my little rant...

If you want someone to read your story looking for plot holes or just to bounce ideas send me a message I am happy to help where I can.

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