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name; Hannah Ruiz


21 years old

Hey I'm Puerto Rican, Black, and white. (But I look white)Im a really crappy writer for those of you who read "Last Chance" Live in Ga (USA) but give me another chance! I didnt think about the story line very threw. And besides, I had to rush threw the last chapter cause it was my last day of vacation. My sis Carol has been helping me!

Music I Like: Rock, Pop,Blues, Jazz, J-Pop, a little bit of Hip Hop, old school, and disco

Anime I like: Inuyasha, Naruto, Beyblade, Samurai Champloo, Digimon, Rurouni Kenshin, DB,DBZ, Sailor Moon, Tokyo Godfathers (Movie), Kiki's Deilivary Service (movie), One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, YugI-Oh GX, Full metal Alchemist and I think thats it!

I'm learing a little bit of Japanese, and I'm SO OBESSED with anime! And I'm Christan. I love shopping and going to bookstores( I consired it heaven for me) I'm a freshman in high school.

Help: I so need help! With Japanese I only learn a bit with SHONEN JUMP magazine so help me I'm currently reading "Cronos Crusade" so can you tell me a little about it? And "Black Cat" when it comes in March I love SPOILERS! And I want more friends! So pleases email me!

To tell you the truth I'm a mix between Sakura, Hinata and Shikamaru. In Inuyasha I'm Sango and Ayame, in eveything else you'll have find out for your self! My anime name is: Sora so you can call me that too! There is more to me than anime and fics I like normal stuff. So talk to me!

If you dont know yet...IM A CRAPPY WRITER! Please respect that I'm sensitive when I write so even if I SUCK please have the common curtosey to review!

if you didnt know anichick23 means: anime chick 23 means the day of my bithday

Couples I like note no yaoi or yuri's

Naruto: Sasuke X Sakura Hinata X Naruto Shika X Ino Neji X Tenten Jiaryaya X Tusande Kakashi X Kurenai Iruka X Anko

Inuyasha: InuKag, Sesshy X Kagura, InuSan (very funny), SanMir. RinKohaku RinSesshy

Rurouni Kenshin: KenKarou, MegSanonsuke, AoshiMisao,

Beyblade: TysonXHilary, ReiXSalima, MaxXMarium, KaiXMe!

Samurai Champloo: FuuMugen FuuJin

Yu-Gi-Oh: MaiXJoey, YamiXTea, YugiXTea SetoXIshizu(ya know Mariks sister) TristanXSerentity DukeXSerenity

One Piece: KaylaXUsopp LuffyXNami ZoloXNami SangiXNami SangiXMe!

Digimon: (Season1) TaiXSora, TaiXMimi, MattXMimi, MattXSora, JoeXMimi, IzzyXMimi, T.K X Kari,

(Season2) DavisXYolie DavisXKari, T.K X Kari, KenXYolie,

(Season3) TakatoXRika, RyoXRika, JerryXTakato, HenryXRika RenamonXImpmon RenamonXGulimon

(Season4) TakuyaXZoe JP X Zoe KojiXZoe KouchiXZoe

FMA: RoyXRiza (Royai), Trisha and Hohenhein, EdWin, Lust X Scar

Shows I like: Gilmore girls, 7th Heaven, The Real World, Realworld/Road rules challenge,Smallvile, Instant Star, Degrassi, Moesha, The Cosby Show, Full House, Power Rangers, There&Back, The Flavor of Love, Celebirty Fit Club, Teen Titans, and and a whole lotta shit!

If u wanna find me, find me on myspace. http:///tomgirl23

I'm a major dork! I have a wierd sence of humor

I have not updated in forever so it will take awhile

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