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Joined Nov '05, Japan

I'm krisetchers. I'm a weird guy! I love the Mole! I often imagining Mole scenarios in my head while jogging and listening to Mole soundtrack music.

Real Name - Kafu Kristian

Instagram - kaf_ukulele My Instagram (18 plus only...just kidding! ...or...)

Youtube Channel! :D - Kafu and Yoshi

(every week from now on, I'll be doing "Nintendo Riddles" and give free prizes :) I'm rather new, so I'd appreciate it if you showed your support!)


Currently writing:

- The Mole: Deceiver's World! :)

Finished - The Mario Mole trilogy! :D (The Mole: Traitor Aboard, The Mole: Saboteur's Island, and The Mole: Agent's Elevation)

The Mario Final Destination Quadrilogy (The Next Death Will Come, Coming Forward, Ripple of Cheating, Death Riding)

Other weird unfinished works

Other hobbies I have besides thinking about the Mole: Playing the ukulele and ocarina, eating food, missing food after eating it, Looking up content in a mole song, posting questionable content of myself on Instagram...oh crap, that's not a lot.

The Mole: Deceiver's World (in progress)

Ten players of the Smash Universe, aiming to win. Nine of them must work together to complete a series of missions. However, one of them is not on their team, playing to betray them all. He or she is a saboteur of ruin, hidden and blending among them. Who is the double traitor among them? Who is the ultimate deceiver? Who is...the Mole?

Really? Going to Mario’s old world? That was unexpected...but totally cool.

Seeing Lucario jump for that flag and missing made me totally laugh. Lucario. He just couldn’t read my dark aura right, right? No wonder he got executed this episode.

Yoshi’s Island was cool and all, but all I could think about was how awesome I was messing up the game. Not even that subtle either.

I wasn’t alone in sabotaging though.

Do I like him or not?

Next episode, we’ll be in the city. Time to catch them all from now on.

The Mole: Agent's Elevation (Complete)

The final chapter of this trilogy puts ten players in a mysterious building of mistrust and deceit. Each floor gives them a new world and new mysteries to uncover. But who is the agent elevating among them?

OFFICIAL WEBSITE! http s://th em oleagentse levati on.weebl m/

(if the link doesn't work, to access the website, simply google, "The Mole Agent's Elevation" ...it will be one of the first three links :)

A Cast Drawing of the Characters... The Cast . Thank you so much for this j-cag!! It's awesome!

The Mole: Saboteur Island (Complete)

The game of betrayal takes a turn in this second game; among the lands of Isle Delfino, the Mole is determined to ruin the tropical paradise of nine other players. Who is the saboteur of this vacation?

The Mole: Traitor Aboard (Complete)

Ten unsuspecting players take part in the first chapter of this trilogy of deceit. One of them is secretly a betrayer to the others. Who is the traitor? Who is the Mole?

If you've been a player in Krisetchers' Mole Game, The Mole : Spy Among Authors, copy-paste this in your profile - Shilo Burbans, DonPianta, Champ 15, The Smart One 64, Dark Punxysaur, GoldenArcher96, TheGreatAvenger (Runner-up), Wimpzilla (Winner), and Princess Toady (Mole)

The Mole: Spy Among Authors


Thank you everyone who played and supported my first Mole game on this site! :)

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