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Not sure how you got here or why but Welcome.

I am a Student currently 25 years Old and I work and study IT. I have thought about writing a fanfiction myself but I don't want to start it if I can't see myself finishing it or regretting certains parts of it. I have a very active imagination that works both in favor and against writing in my opinion. I can get a (in my opinion) pretty good idea but more than likely I will have another idea the day after that which has a completely different premise or main character.

My favorite stories are those that I have finished and are complete or finished and abandoned (i think).

I have a fanfiction account since 2017, one of my classmates was always reading fanfiction in class and it got me interested in it. He read Harry Potter Fanfiction and thats also where i began.

My favorite type of fanfiction is:

- Harry Potter

- Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

- Vampire Diaries (OC, SI or Elene take overs)

- Avengers / Marvel

- DC

- One Tree Hill (Brucas / Naley)

- Star Wars (Movies 123)

- Naruto (Shadow Clone jutsu cheat early on)

- Percy Jackson

- Bleach (do-overs mainly)

I also like to read cross-overs between the series I read. Main Crossover for me is Harry Potter / anything. I like how Harry Potters backstory can be used to give him a certain depth in other worlds.

I do have some rules with what I consider fanfiction. mainly with focus of the original story. Harry had magic is a simple example, in my opinion you can add on that but it is the basis. I have also wondered whether something can be considered fanfiction when it only uses names of the original characters. gimme your opinion on it if you'd like.

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