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We are just two people who are writers for fun, as well as for the awesomeness and seriousness of it. We send chapters and ideas to each other just about every day.

I'm a guy for about 50% of the time, and the other 50% is my twin sister. Every story is a combination of both of our work. I opened this page first, so I get to use my own POV.

Favourite animated shows (Non-anime):-

1:- Avatar: The Last Airbender.

This is an absolutely brilliant piece of art. We love the character interactions, and especially Zuko's evolution. A must watch for people of all ages!

2:- RWBY (Yes, we know it's an anime, but still.)

The animation may not be all that stunning for volumes 1 through 3, but the storyline is just too captivating.(Although volume 3 left us in tears, literally) Not to mention Qrow, the true ultimate badass. And the music. Oh my God, the music. Even a single song can completely outdo some anime in terms of plot.

3:- Phineas and Ferb

Need I say more? The ultimate step-brotherly duo that does every unbelievable thing in the span of a single afternoon, without even getting more than a little disappointed when their invention just disappears. Not to mention their badass superhuman big sister, Candace. Things are never dull with these guys around. And Perry. Can't forget Perry.

Favorite Underrated Anime:-

#1:- A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun:- The storyline is just soooo complex. We love it! Seeing the powers in the science side is ridiculously entrancing. I mean, Vector Manipulation? Boom. The girl whose skirt when flipped does not give any fanservice. A guy who has the power to defy certain laws of physics when convenient. CONVENIENT. It was decided in an instant.

#2:- Ben-To:- Ben-to is ridiculously underrated. It involves no superpowers, no superhuman strength, no extraordinary abilities, no risk of so much as a house blowing up. But it still has action sequences that give you an adrenaline rush which few other anime ever manage. There's no lives at stake, but the goal is clear for the main cast. There is no emotional drama in the middle of the fights. Fight to win- plain and simple. Nowhere near the best in terms of plot, but one fight sequence was all we needed to put this one up here.

#3:- Kill la kill:- This show has waaay too much fanservice, but it is also one of the very few that has actually given a reasonable-sounding explanation for it. This anime may not have the most inviting title, but once you start, there's no stopping. Aside from the epic fight scenes and excessively revealing transformations, there is actually a super-serious plot. Not to mention, girls rule without a doubt. In this anime, even the elite amongst the male characters can't even hope to touch the upper levels of female characters. Girls rule!

Most epic anime moments:-

#1:- Goku and Frieza team up to defeat Jiren {Dragon Ball Super}:- This was just way too epic to be anywhere except here. Seeing two characters who have tried (and have actually succeeded) to kill each other fight side-by-side in perfect co-ordination due to their own fights just blew our minds. When they sacrificed themselves to eliminate Jiren, my sister actually fell out of her chair. No kidding.

But the best moment was when Frieza said that he'd make up with Goku over his dead body, and I noticed that Frieza was already dead...

#2:- Boros kicks Saitama to the moon {One Punch Man}:- The most epic kick in anime ever, no arguments. The animation at that moment is just too freaking awesome, not to mention the effect of the kick. Seriously, kicking someone to the moon at about the speed of light? Whenever we try to use words to describe how freaking awesome that is, we fail completely. Boros is a total badass, even though he lost by an infinitely wide margin.

#3:- Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann VS Anti-Spiral Giga Drill Break {Gurren Lagann movie}:- The ultimate culmination of the ultimate anime. This sequence left us breathless in anticipation and excitement, especially when they actually manage to break the anti-spiral's giga drill. There's just something about a mech the size of the universe with a drill twenty times that size fighting a bad guy the size of the universe with a drill twenty times that size that is just irresistible.

Best music- Let's hear it!

#1:- Let It Go {Frozen}: Admit it, nearly everyone on earth has this song amongst their favourites. The raw emotion expressed by Elsa during the song is incredible. For the first time in 13 years, she is embracing her freedom, even though there are still chains that bind her. Seeing Elsa letting her emotions loose like that is just heartwarming, no matter how contradictory that sounds.

#2:- Sorairo Days {Gurren Lagann}:- If you haven't listened to it yet, you have to do so. Aside from the music, the epicness only increases when it plays during the final fight. The people who made this certainly broke the limits of awesomeness with this brilliant piece of work.

#3:- Just about every song from RWBY {RWBY}:- Seriously, each song has an entire story behind it. The songs even show the evolution of each character. Weiss and Yang have three theme songs each, minimum. Not to mention the story each song tells, as well as all the Easter eggs each song leaves behind. Red Like Roses, Bad Luck Charm, Divide, This Life is Mine, Like Morning Follows Night... The list is enormous.

# Honorable mention:- Heikousen, Uso no Hibana {Kuzu no Honkai}:- The opening and ending theme songs to this anime are just beautiful. The anime itself is really good emotion-wise, seeing as it stars a girl who is probably the most emotionally mature character in all of anime. The end of this anime left us with lumps in our throats, especially because it was at the end when we realized the double meaning in the ending theme 'Heikousen'. Just beautiful.

We're swimmers, skaters, badminton players, hockey players, mountain bikers, whitewater rafters, cooks, practicalists in clothing, average people who don't stand out, and science students. We speak English, Marathi, Hindi, and a little bit of French and German. Japanese is next in line.

We're avid Rubik's cube fans. Currently working on the ghost cube, 5x5x5, mastermorphix, and 7x7x7.

There's a OPM x DBS story in the works, one for Korra, and plenty more which we have planned out, but have yet to begin writing.

Feel free to PM us any questions you have!

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