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I bought my little sister a puppy for Christmas two years ago.

After much consideration, she named her Bear. She's a Black Lab/ German Shepard mix. She was that one little puppy that chose to be alone in the corner. She is my sister's child. I am her Aunt.

She grew up with our other dog, Artie, who is a brown Dachshund. I love that little butthead. Even when he gets hair all over me. They're both fixed, but Artie still gets this overwhelming urge to hump Bear anyway. Which was wrong when she was a little puppy, but now it's funny because Bear is so much larger than Artie. Though we stop him anyway. We don't want to see that.

Bear is an attention whore now, and a great dog. We joke that she's a lesbian. But really, I think it's true.

One day, I put a yellow bow tie from Party Stop on her. It's her trademark now.

Bear has many nicknames. We call her Bugaboo, Boo, Boobs, Poops, Pooks, Pookie, and any other name that we sporadically come up with.

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