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Hello, welcome to my profile.

Though I use the name LuciusOctivus, my real name is Peter. I'm 20 and live in England. My favourite book series is, surprise, a Song of Ice and Fire. The reason I write for this fandom is all the possibilities of various stories that can be told in the universe and with the characters. I love history and world-building. In stories I have an deep appreciation for dark characters and villains who I believe can make a more in-depth story.

While currently unemployed, I spend my time writing and have written my own novel: Maderia's Eclipse which is currently for pre-order on Amazon. Free to those with Amazon Unlimited. Other than writing, I'm usually empire building in Crusader Kings 2 or reading.

Current works:

A Song of Fire and Retribution - My first fanfic where instead of Daenerys wandering the Free Cities with Viserys, she's instead given to the care of Jon Connington where she's grows with Young Griff. In their time in Essos, they've been raised and shaped to be rulers and plan the return of House Targaryen to the throne and avenge their family from the usurpers.

Pairings: AegonVI/Daenerys, Jon/Val, Sansa/Harry

Catalyst - When a modern Englishman dies in a car accident and finds himself inserted into Young Griff, he's forced to make do in an impossible situation. With no knowledge on how to fight nor access to any supernatural abilities, he's forced to make do with only his wits and knowledge of the series. With the return of magic and rising powers, will he survive and forge his own destiny in a world that wants him dead or will he fall into despair and be killed like so many others?

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