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Just your basic mad scientist type. More details available at my site, washuu dot net. As fanfiction-net is currently going through changes, I'd like to note that my stories - the stories here, and more - are available on my site.

It might be a good idea to discuss writing here. For Ranma, I usually go with fanon. It's a lot richer than canon is, and gives more wiggle-room in characterization. And it's not nearly as fussy about what-happened-in-what-order. I want Konatsu in my fiction? I put hir there, even if sie didn't show up until near the end of the manga. I can choose between sane and insane Nodokas. I can make Ryoga, or Genma, worthwhile or a waste of human flesh. One reason there's so much Ranma fanfic is that Takahashi seldom grasped a nettle, and if she did, she forgot about it as rapidly as possible. The anime/manga cries out for resolutions, but resolutions aren't canon; we fan-writers have to supply them.

When I'm doing Sailor Moon, I try to work with the Sailor Moon S (third season) anime canon. It's a good jumping-off place, and comes with an actual resolution.

I go with canon for Tenchi, also, but allow both the OVA and Tenchi Universe. I vigorously ignore GXP and Tenchi in Tokyo. And Tenchi's mother is not named Kiyone; Kiyone is a Galaxy Police officer.

Bjorn Njalsson, the were-bear, is my own character. I've sold a couple of his stories. And if I write it, it is canon. The other characters of the Outlook world are included.

I'm working on postludes to Different Colors to tie off the loose ends that were left dangling when I decided not to write the remaining two books of the trilogy. Don't know how many there'll be - I have storyline all the way down to Crystal Tokyo, by way of Ragnarok, which is preceded by Fimbulwinter, aka the Great Freeze. Ranma and Akane will make it all the way there, in a peculiar fashion that doesn't involve time travel. Ranma will not wear a sailor fuku, though robes for both Shinto Priest and Miko will feature in hir life.

I may have mentioned writing books. I sold one. It's called Secret Murder, and is out as trade paperback and e-book. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and at the publisher, ftlpublications dot com. I didn't realize Ragnar Forkbeard looked like the guy on the cover, but it'll do, it'll do. People say nice things about the cover. I recently put together a collection of short stories (10 stories, about 50k words) and published it for Kindle. It's on Amazon: Minnesota Vice, by Ellen and Mary Kuhfeld. We wrote six of them together, I wrote the remaining four by myself. Mary also writes under the pen name of Monica Ferris, so we're publishing as Monica Ferris Presents.

Recently, my muse has narcolepsy. I'll be going along fine, then *boink*, no muse. A week or a year later, she'll wake up and I can write again. Right now she's asleep, so I'm editing and publishing. Look for more books on Amazon.

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