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Been a while since I did anything. Will hopefully update with some regularity going forward.

Future Fics (will be done if possible)

To love Monsters (Nasuverse AU) That day Shiki Tohno didn't meet the magician who told him to be responsible, what he found was an antisocial grumpy fake vampire who was barely more responsible than a nine year old. Finding her the only sane thing in an insane world, Shiki wears to follow her, no matter what he has to give up.

My mentor- the Cybersleuth- is a former terrorist who went to the moon. (Digimon/Fate Extra) When Takato Matsuki met Guilmon, he thought his dream came true, but soon after he realized his world became more complicated when Rin Tohsaka found him and roped him into becoming her assistant. To many the Cyber Sleuth was a hero, but to many that same girl had been a terrorist that almost destroyed the net.

To Judgement (Shakugan no Shana Post-Series AU) Years have passed and now Sakai Yuji lives a normal life with his cute wife, his little sister and his nephew in a world where Flame Hazes and the Guze have found a tenuous balance. But this simple life is torn apart when the girl who went missing ten years ago comes back. Faced with the very same Shana he lost so long ago, what sort of future will the two have?

Note: Now I am taking BETA reading, for those interested please check on the Beta Reader

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