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I would be your basic 44 year old computer geek who has become completely addicted to Harry Potter fanfic. Eventually, the addiction got to the point where I committed the crime, instead of just watching it.

Reviews are nice, but they're not my reason for writing. If you feel like it, though, please do feel free to post one. Currently, I'm satisfied with my return-rate:

As of 2006/09/12 20:00 CDT

Family Matters - Loose Ends (posted 2006/7/28): 16 reviews, 2983 hits, 2 C2s, 11 fav, 32 alerts. ( 0.5 percent review rate)

Harry's Heritage (posted 2005/12/28): 29 reviews, 2271 hits, 26 C2s, 14 favs, 14 alerts. (1.3 percent review rate)

To Duel For Honor (posted 2006/01/06): 18 reviews, 1062 hits, 10 C2s, 7 favs, 4 alerts. (1.7 percent review rate)

Returns like that would make an ad executive quite ecstatic, and a spammer rich beyond his wildest dreams.

My writing is simply a return for the gift other, far better, fanfiction authors have given me in their stories.

So, please, enjoy. And please feel free to PM me, or e-mail me, at any time.

Oh, one other thing: the original story that Family Matters - Loose Ends is based on is at http:///browse.php?type=titles .

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