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I’m from China, finished my bachelor degree in history at Arizona State University. I’ve also got a writing for film and TV diploma from Vancouver Film School. Right now I mainly enjoy just reading fanfic, but occasionally i would write some, hopefully one day I can write a long story.

I am totally a sci fi/fantasy girl lol, here’s the list of my story worlds:

  • I am a big fan of Supernatural. It is my favorite show!! My heart lays on Sam(Sammy!) and love the Men of Letters setting(the bunker!). Dean is sweet and fun, Cas is cute and cool~ The whole 15 seasons are all the fantasy I ever wanted to get. So many epic moments...It really helped me through a hard time, I greatly appreciate the show. Oh and I like the interaction between John and the boys:) I think I like the first 11 seasons of it, but there’s still have touching emotions somewhere in the later seasons. I went to conventions twice (first in San Francisco and the second in New Jersey),was so great to meet the boys and casts! And seeing the real '67 Impala in front of me..!
  • I got hooked to Resident alien quickly and I love the whole show, such a masterpiece. Harry (omg Alan) is my favorite!!
  • I am fell for Chris️ in Charmed, Really obsess with him! That means I especially like season 6. And of course I adore Leo and Piper. The whole Halliwell family and generations stroryline is just so amazing, I can’t even use words to describe my feeling to the finale ending scene(always crying for that)!
  • I like Smallville~I mostly love Clark and the Kents, Jor-el and Lara, J’onn, and a bit of Krypton trilogy.
  • Last but not least, Stranger Things is just wow, somehow I like season 3 the most, but season 4 is crazy epic!
  • Thanks for baring with me and read till here~feel free to read my stories!

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