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whats there more to say im just your average fiction reader and reviewer but if ya wanted to know more here :


what i do most of the time: mostly either read a ton of fan fiction on here or deviant-art or play with my friends on steam and just chat to folks on discord or playing with my ff14 free company

what anime i have watched and enjoy:

Dragon ball/Z/GT(yes i like gt it was the 1st anime i watched)/dragon ball super

naruto part 1/part 2 of the anime

the persona series( 2/3/4/5/Q)

dragon ball TFS abridged

pokemon(the whole series up to the end of the gen 3 anime and the start of the gen 4 anime)

seven deadly sins(all 3 current seasons in both dub and sub)

Fairy tail

black clover

sword art online (for the most part)

log horzion

What games do I enjoy?: mostly rpgs like final fantasy 14 or pokemon gold and silver but I do also enjoy action rpgs like the tales games and some old classics like sonic cd or even sonic mania.

but yeah i dont write any fanfics i just read them alot and enjoy most ones i read.

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