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I read a lot (too much), fantasy, romance, some sci fy, and of course, fanfic. any rating, though I avoid any story that includes character violence (unless it is really really well written, has reason to be and doesn't go in certain directions). 99 het (non-ship doesn't do much for me, just read it while 'channel-surfing' sometimes) with one 3some that I kinda invented, lol and one slash that dropped a claw in me that I can't shake (-headdesk-, and whose offerings are.. oysighwhimper). I also enjoy music and video made to it.

I also hang out on LJ as wanderingsmith, if you want to come by ;)

Star Trek: Voyager : J/C (do not remind me how they wrecked that!) ; Stargate SG1: S/J ; Pretender: MP/J ; Gilmore Girls: L/L (until they turned Luke into an idiot, grrrr), R/L (when r's not behaving like a spoiled 13 year old) ; G.I. Jane: MC/LJ (yeah, I know, slim pickins, and way too predictable... what can I say, I don't like reality) ; Wheel of time: L/N ; X-men: W/R (first movie verse) ; G.I. Joe: F/LJ (that started in my head way back when PCs were not a home thing! wow, time flies) ; Star Trek: Enterprise: T/T (guess it's a really bad sign of how much a romantic I am that I avoided the show like the plague until I accidently caught wind of that romance) ; CSI: GS/S ; House M.D.: H/C (first time I've gone looking for fics on a show and have to wade through unmarked slash entries to get the ones of the couple I want! lmao. really needs a sorting thing to categorize those. sigh and now that's gone too) ; Bones: B/B (and another bites the dust) ; Remington Steele: R/L ; M.A.S.H.: H/M ; Relic Hunter: S/N ; brief stops in Riddick and Moonlight land ; Stargate Atlantis: S/W (another that I refuse to watch the show.. at least they wrecked it before I could learn of it and get attached!! lol)

I don't write much; what I see in my head looks dry and stale on the rare occasions I take the time to put it down. which drives me nuts when I allow myself to reflect on it, because I have a lousy memory, and when I come up with a story I really like, I know I'll eventually forget it, or some important point/ conversation in it... and it'll grate but good.

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