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I am SLW2002 on ao3.

I live in Michigan


I have lived for most of my life at Qinghai Normal University in Xining, China. I like reading and normally read fan fiction, fantasy, and nonfiction books. If I have free time, I also might play Basketball or play on my PS4. My favorite games on it are probably FIFA, Marvel's Spider Man, or Star Wars Battlefront 2. I love playing board games; my favorites are SmashUp and Risk. I listen to the podcast version of the Dan Le Batard show on ESPN every day, and I listen to music the rest of the day. My favorite Beatles songs are Hey Jude and Let It Be. My favorite food is raspberry pie.

I got into fan fiction after I read the Harry Potter books and was left unsatisfied by the ending. My favorite fandoms are Harry Potter, anything written by Rick Riordan, and Naruto. I feel like there needs to be more fan fiction for the Percy Jackson series, so I am process of writing some myself.

Stories I am working on:

1. // anchor . fm / Swill is the home of my new podfic!

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