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Sacredstar Mentor PM
Joined Jun '17

Name: Sacredstar Mentor

Sex: Male


Weight: 120lb

eyes: brown

hair: black

OC warrior character

Gender: tom
Affiliation: Airclan
Rank: apprentice/warrior/leader
Personally:serious,quiet,creative, smart,
Strength: prepared, strong-willed,
Flaws:afraid of failing others, curious,unsocial, nervous

Eye color:amber

Fur color: dark ginger
Physical characteristics: small, slender,well-muscles, powerful hind legs, a lean-shape, with long sharp claws, long tail, sleek, thick fur, large ears, large paws
Backstory: The clans are grave danger as unknown rogue cats steal prey from each of the clans territory and their numbers grow each day. Now it up to everlasting warrior who has been reborn to save the wild cats once again.

P.S When the everlasting warrior die he reincarnated in next clan in cycle.(Airclan, waterclan, earthclan and fireclan) just like the avatar the last airbender only in warrior cat form.

Personality:serious, creative, kind, smart, charisma

Hobbies: reading, games, social media

Element sign: fire

Zodiac sign: Aries

Favorite colors: Red,black,gray,white,gold,midnight blue,green,yellow

Favorite class: history

Want to know more about me just PM me so we can chat

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