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okay just saying this now I hate yoai and incest they are both messed up they're freaking family and they're both dudes come on!

Favorite characters

Eddy(ed edd n eddy)


Finn (adventure time)

hakuryuu (magi)

Ok I'm trying to make one of the biggest crossover story ever

Naruto, Adventure time, Ed edd n eddy, ben 10, magi,juniper Lee, my hero Academia, madoka box, and that time i got reincarnated as a slime are my main focus.

Family name: midoriya

Team name: The Sinfull family

Eddy: wrath

Naruto: greed

Juniper: envy

rimuru: sloth

Ben: pride

hakuryuu: gluttony

medaka: lust

Finn: despair

Izuku: all 10 Commandment

Mother: inko midoriya

Father: all for one (good side)

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