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CeKhay PM
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I am a Girl who is a Young Adult that loves to read & write. Music is my anti-drug.

I have a writing muse that hates me. Because I have many stories in the works and how I want it to play out and how I would like it to end except the words won't go on page. That and there's this huge writing novel I am trying to work on with my cousin that we can't get past. So be patient and maybe I'll come up with something new.

For Anyone Still Waiting for Under This Roof:

I apologize for the really long wait but you are probably still going to be waiting because I've lost all thought and motivation for the story I started back in middle school. I do try and write for it but it never seems to go anywhere, but who knows maybe one day I'll come back to it. But if anyone wants to ADOPT IT. I'm all for it.

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